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Chiefs file tampering charge against Lions

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  • Chiefs file tampering charge against Lions

    One source to the site believed that the charge involves Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham. He was the defensive coordinator in Kansas City from 2004 to 2008.

    Just before NFL free agents could start signing with teams this summer, Cunningham said something to the Detroit Free Press that hints at possible tampering: "(Kansas City) keeps wanting to dump their players. I would like to be there to catch a lot of them because I know a couple of those guys."

    The Free Press has it that the tampering charge is related to former Kansas City Chiefs safety Jarrad Page(notes), who was traded to the New England Patriots this summer the day after he finally signed a tender with the Lions. Page played every game in Cunningham's final two seasons with the Chiefs.

    Detroit didn't sign any of the Chiefs' free agents this summer.
    If the Lions lose a pick over this they need to fire Cunningham. Schwartz is a defensive guy and its not like the defense is playing well.

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    That sucks I can't see it being more of a pick given up than what the Chiefs got for shipping him to New England.

    But if its a 3rd or 4th I would be pissed as Paige isn't even worth it to tamper with like San Fran did with Briggs.


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      chiefs can suck it. everyone knows they were going to dump a few people, and obviously we could have used an upgrade everywhere. there should be no punishment for obvious comments.
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        It may hint as possible tampering but we didn't get any results out of it. So what if he mentions it?

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