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Gil Brandt's positional rankings for the coming draft!!

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  • Gil Brandt's positional rankings for the coming draft!!

    Gil was the Director of Scouting for the Dallas Cowboys during their heydays and is now paid by the NFL to do the same for them. He predicted 90% of round 1 players his last try but doesn't do a mock, probably to protect his sources in the scouting community who feed him their teams actual draft boards.
    I also see he projects Quinn as the #1 QB in the draft and a future Pro Bowler. H--mmmm, Gil Brandt vs Matt Millen, I wonder which one has more credibility.
    And proud of it!!!

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    Won't change Millen's mind.


    "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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      do you read brandt's bible before you go to bed??


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        If you want to know about the draft, you cannot ignore Gil Brandt's rankings. They come directly from at least one team's real draft board and I think he knows a h--ll of a lot more about the draft than you. Another example of a real team's draft board is from Gosselin who is fed another teams rankings from a real board 2 days before the draft. No guru or amateur mocker comes close to these guys in predicting the draft.

        Here's Gosselin's top 100 released today, usually between 85-90 go in every draft since 2002:
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        And proud of it!!!


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          nah i didn't say i knew more about the draft then him, tell me where i said that. i just get sick of him being your only source, why don't you open your eyes and look at more rankings then just your trusty lacky


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            and furthermore hmmm why does your "boy" have middle linebacker as a higher need then dlinemen??? shouldn't that tell you something?

            but im not going to argue with you, this is supposed to be a happy time for our team, so lets just agree to disagree on somethings, ill be watching tomorrow and i know damn well you will be too



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