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    1 2(2) Calvin Johnson WR GEORGIA TECH - A+

    I really hope this guy is all he is cracked up to be.

    2 11(43) Drew Stanton QB MICHIGAN STATE - B

    This pick makes me nervous.

    2 26(58) Ikaika Alma-Francis DE HAWAII - B

    This guy is a intriguing prospect. There is talk that he is being groomed replace Redding after this season. I hope he stays at DE though.

    2 29(61) Gerald Alexander S BOISE STATE - C+

    A tad of a reach. I've been hearing that his stock was on the climb and he would most likely went in the third round. There was talk that Baltimore wanted him but they have Landry and Reed, I'm not sure if he would CB for them.

    4 6(105) AJ Davis CB NORTH CAROLINA ST - C

    Most likely a return man. Not the perfect cover 2 corner. Suppose to be a burner though. Hopefully Drummond is gone.

    4 18(117) Manuel Ramirez OG TEXAS TECH - A

    Traded up to get this guy and I agree. I've liked him throughout this whole process. The Lions are going to be like a version of Texas Tech and he was successful there. I don't seem him starting this year becasue we actually have some depth at OG.

    5 21(158) Johnny Baldwin ILB ALABAMA A&M - C

    Another reach for a guy we really liked. I'd love to think he is a diamond in the rough and will solve our MLB issues. Who knows if this is the reason we didn't address ILB early. Probably not but I like to think so

    7 45(255) Ramzee Robinson CB ALABAMA - B

    Solid tackler who could also return kicks. Good pick here.

    Final grade - B

    It seemed like Millen was trying to please two head coaches in this draft. But you have to think if Millen should have let Marinelli control the first couple hours of the draft. Our defense was horrid last year and we waited to address it. Millen had the ammo this draft and he used it. He traded up for the guys that Marinelli and crew were locked in on. This is the part that we just have to trust the scouting. Overall I'm ok with our draft. Not happy, not mad, just ok.

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    Final Grade - F+
    R.I.P. L.E.F.
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      1st Round-
      Calvin Johnson- Loved the pick and I think he'll be a top 5 receiver within 2 years and will make an immediate impact on our offense. A

      2nd round-
      Drew Stanton- While I liked Trent Edwards better than him, I think he has a lot of potential and Mike Martz will only help him develop into a possible solid starter. B+

      Ikaika Alma-Francis- I wanted this guy to be a Lion for the longest time, and while we really didn't need to trade up to get him, I'm glad we did and I'm excited about his versatility and how Marinelli will coach him. B

      Gerald Alexander- Another guy we didn't really need to trade up for (although it was rumored that Baltimore was considering him) and was a reach, I have no problem with picking him because he's another versatile player who fits the system well and is a team leader of sorts. I also loved what I saw from the guy in the Fiesta Bowl, so I didn't mind the pick too much. B-

      4th round:
      AJ Davis- I question how he fits our system but he is extremely fast, plus he has terrific intangibles. He's another great teammate and if all works out, he could be our nickel or dime CB this season. B

      Manny Ramirez- A nice mauler guard who will do wonders learning from Mutalito and will be excellent depth this season and a potential starter for next year. A-

      5th round:
      Johnny Baldwin- Can't say I knew much about him but he's another hard working type who had an excellent workout and could have just been picked on his potential. C+

      Mr Irrelevant:
      Ramzee Robinson- This pick never really matters too much but he's a nice tackler who fits our system well and could make the roster as a special teams player this season. B

      Overall: We got guys who are all hard working and team leader types and are Marinelli/Martz type players, instead of going for the name picks like we have in previous year (with the exception of Calvin Johnson, but he fits the hard working mold anyway). I'm satisfied with this draft and in a few years I think it could be the best draft Millen has had (not really saying much but still).
      I'd give it a B+

      RIP TheManInBlack


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        If we sign Wilson or Quarles, which we will, this offseason deserves an A-/A.

        Bottom line: they moved around and took the players they wanted in the draft. Hard working, good character players that love the game and are leaders. I like that. I'd take that over settling for the best player available at every pick.
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          Calvin Johnson - B+
          The last thing they needed was a receiver, but I won't kill them for going with the BPA at this point.

          Drew Stanton - D
          He's pretty overrated, inconsistent and we had to go defense here especially after taking CJ. Passed on Posluzny, Harris, Abiamiri, etc who could've made an impact on defense immediately.

          Ikaika Alma-Francis - C-
          He is very raw, and won't help you this year. Took a tweener instead of a natural DE like Charles Johnson or Bazuin little later.

          Gerald Alexander - F
          There was a need for corner and the scenario was perfect. Both Mccauley and Hughes were still on the board, yet they take a SS.

          AJ Davis - B-
          This could a diamond in the rough. MLIVE says he hasn't given up a TD in 1675 straight snaps and ESPN the mag compared him to Asante Samuel. If he can turn out to be even half the player samuel is, he will be a solid pick.

          Manuel Ramirez - B+
          Nice value pick here. Has the potential to be a decent starter in the mold of Mulitalo. Maybe he is the future LG Mulitalo.

          Johnny Baldwin - D+
          Research on him suggests that he was a reach and will be a backup at best.

          Ramzee Robinson - Unknown
          Don't know much about this guy. Could be practice squad player, a backup or even not good enough play at all.

          Overall C-: Passed on some players in day 1 who would've filled needs and made more immediate impacts on defense. The defense still needs a lot improvement, which I think will be addressed next offseason.
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            I'll just do grades:

            Calvin Johnson: A+
            Drew Stanton: D
            Ikaika Alama-Francis: B
            Gerald Alexander: C
            AJ Davis: C
            Manuel Ramirez: A
            Johnny Baldwin: C
            Ramzee Robinson: C


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              Its seems like everyone outside of CJ was taken on high motor/high character instead of just talent. This could translate into a turn around for the team down the line, but as for immediate impact i dont see anyone other then CJ and maybe oddly enough Davis/Robinson as a return men making a impact this year. IF Francis and Stanton are coached up by their respective gurus then this could be a great draft. IF not then we kinda screwed the pooch big time. That being said the only pick that I really, really hate is Alexander. Hes too slow to play safety, and we signed/drafted some burners at CB so I dont know what to think about him. So with that being said:

              CJ: A (who knows what could happen with this offense next year)
              Stanton: C (would have rather gone D but we'll see what Martz can do)
              Alma-Francis: C (same as Stanton, could have had Johnson or Moses as this point in the draft, taken more on possible future ability)
              Gerald Alexander: F (why trade up and take this turd when his future seems to be special teams, probably could have still taken him later)
              AJ Davis: C (Is fast thats about it. Doesnt he seem to fit a traditional C2 corner/seems a little like Bly)
              Manuel Ramirez: B++ (great mauler that should help the point of attack, which has been a weakness here for years, but probably wont help for another year or so)
              Johnny Baldwin: C-(meeeeh. Dont know anything about him, seems to have good work out numbers)
              Ramzee Robinson: Sure, why not. Also looks like 80's Eddie Murphy which certainly cant hurt your stock.


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                I'm not at all happy with the draft. You don't build a team starting from the WR position. The Lions needed to go defense if they didn't want a QB. The
                34th pick is in essence a 1st round talent as there are usually around 35 guys carrying 1st round grades in every draft. By trading down for the 5th QB in the draft, we bypassed a real talent at 34 for a guy who might have been there in round 3. We had a legit chance to come out of this draft with 2 solid cornerstones on defense and ended up with none.
                As for Johnson, I think he is the real deal but look what happened to Andre Johnson in Houston. Without a solid QB to get you the ball, all the great WR's in the world aren't going to make you effective. That's why WR isn't considered a primary building block in pro football, they have to still rely on a QB to get them the ball otherwise they really aren't much.
                I think Millen really blew this draft up and the other 2 defensive players look like someone throwing Marinelli a rotten carrot for his defense. The only person on the Lions who is truly happy is Martz who can now use his offense to showcase himself for another HCing position. I really feel sorry for Marinelli, Millen hung him out to dry just like he did Mooch. Anybody who thinks this draft was in anyway successful just doesn't understand pro football. Compared to what we could have accomplished and moving towards being a serious playoff team, I give us an 'F-'.
                And proud of it!!!


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                  Based on the picks made,
                  D. Based on the opportunity cost, F------

                  We got the best player in the draft at a position we don't need. Then Millen takes us out of a great position at 34, reaches for a high risk QB prospect, panics and blows the rest of day 1 on guys that aren't gonna be ready for '08.

                  I felt we should have taken denver's offer before the draft unfolded. After watching what happened it's ~ 3rd or 4th most costly move ever. We could've had the deal from Cleveland that Dallas took. If we had done those deals, we could have completely revamped this defense in 1 year. We'd have three rd. 1 picks next year. We could go RE, QB, RT in any order or make a move for an elite pass rusher or QB.
                  With what we'd have left,
                  #34 woodley. Far, far, better LE prospect. More sacks last year against better compettion than Francis' career in the WAC. Very stout against the run.
                  #36 MLB. Harris or Durant. Much better than oh yeah, we didn't take one.
                  #53 Josh Wilson. Better nickel corner than AJ.
                  #66 G. Alexander
                  #85 D. Hughes. I think he'll end up being better in the cover-2 than any of the corners on our roster.

                  And remember 3 first round '08 picks.


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                    I think the reason all you guys are pissed is because they drafted people you haven't heard of.

                    You had all your geeky draft lists all drawn up with this guy and that guy, and the Lions went and drafted guys who you hadn't listed high, as if that matters at all.

                    Someone said, "Its seems like everyone outside of CJ was taken on high motor/high character instead of just talent." Substitute "name recognition" for "talent" and you're right.

                    Will they turn out to be great? I don't know. But you know what? If they'd drafted Harris and McCauley and Abiamiri and all the guys you had in your list, we still wouldn't know.

                    I grade this draft Incomplete until we find out exactly what they have in these defensive players. The one thing they all seem to have in common is high character and work ethic. That in itself has got to be considered an improvement. If they can't play, then it means nothing, admitted.


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                      Originally posted by LionSmack View Post
                      I think the reason all you guys are pissed is because they drafted people you haven't heard of.
                      Or maybe because the strategy of one flashy receiver over filling needs and accumulating depth has been tried and failed.

                      Einstein's definition of insantiy.
                      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


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                        I posted this in the other thread, but here is goes again:

                        So what are your guys' thoughts on the draft now that it is complete? I'm kind of in the middle on our draft. I didn't think we did as good as we could've, but I don't believe that is was a complete disaster.

                        Calvin Johnson - Like a lot of other Lions fans, I didn't want Gaines Adams. I'm not thrilled with the pick of Johnson, but I don't hate it either. Our receiving corps will be locked up for the next few years at least and hopefully it will finally become a top five trio in the league, something it was supposed to be two years ago. At worst I see Calvin being an average starter who will take a lot of pressure off of Roy Williams and free him up to go one-on-on more often.

                        Drew Stanton - I don't hate this pick as much as I thought I would. Despite being a Michigan fan, I've followed Stanton and Michigan State heavily for the last few years. Stanton has very questionable decsion making and there is some durability concerns there. However, he still possesses great tools and with the right coaching could develop into a starting caliber QB in the NFL. I'm weary of the pick right now, but it could turn out better than I expected.

                        Ikaika Alma-Francis - I'm not too sure I like this pick, but I want to give Marinelli the benefit of the doubt here. Alma-Francis played DE in college, but a lot of people think that with his size, he could play DT. He has all of the tools of a 1st Round pick, he is just very raw and needs some good coaching. He isn't the best pass rusher out there, but I could see him lose 5-10 lbs and stay at DE. I don't really like the pick, but I think Marinelli saw something in this kid that I am not seeing right now.

                        Gerald Alexander - When I first saw this I couldn't believe it. I mean, I thought this guys was a late day two pick-up at best. But I became much more comfortable with it and am actually starting to really like it the more I read up on him. Alexander is a guy who saw his stock soar in the few weeks leading up to the draft. He played CB his first three seasons at Boise State until he eventually moved to safety last year. He's good in coverage and can hit hard. He needs to become a better tackler, because he seems like he always tries to hit people. However, he is good against both the run and the pass. He may have not been my ideal safety going into the draft, but he's the type of safety I thought the Lions need.

                        A.J. Davis - Davis is a guy who has a lot of potential, but hasn't yet lived up to it. If he's the guy I'm thinking of, he was rated highly coming out of High School, he just never put it fully together. He's probably only a nickle or dime back, but he could get better with the right coaching.

                        Manuel Ramirez - He's probably the best run blocking guard in the draft. However, his lack of pass protection skills made him drop to the 4th Round. I really like the selection a lot. Ramirez is ridiculously strong and has the ability to overpower defenders on running plays. I don't know how much playing time he will get, but he could make an instant impact in the running game.

                        Ramzee Robinson - Probably a special teams player if he ends up making the team. He was very good on kick coverage at Alabama and has the ability to return kicks and punts. All 7th Round selections are long shots to make the team, but I think he could just as a special teamer / kick return guy.

                        Overall, I give the Lions a B-. I liked most of the selections, I just didn't feel that they addresses some of their more important needs. I would've liked to see ILB addressed higher than the 5th Round and would've prefered a pass rushing DE over Alma Francis. I think the Lions did a fairly good job in the draft, but it could've been better.


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                          You guys are really hard on your own draft. Even I'm shocked. I don't like wasting all the picks to trade up but the picks made were good. It's at least a B- in my eyes. Maybe you were expecting too much from one draft...

                          Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                            Millen did a poor job........CJ is a great player, but WR is not a pressing need......Millen was too block-headed to trade down and get more picks......he should have gotten GA and extra don't have to follow the draft trading chart religiously, especially since the NFL has changed since the chart was developed.......a monkey could have picked and kept CJ.....


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                              I was away on vacation all weekend and missed the entire draft except for short recaps each evening. The Lions traded down and then up a few times; did they end up with any extra picks in 2008 after it was all over? Or did they trade away any of their '08 picks?

                              The draft did not turn out much like I had expected. I expected Millen to trade out of the #2 spot, though I'm not disappointed we drafted CJ over Gaines Adams. The Lions fell in love with Drew Stanton to the exclusion of the other second-tier QBs who were still available.

                              I believe we squandered a few of those extra Day 2 picks to trade up into the late second round and draft guys who may still have been there in the early third round. Still, the Lions got the guys they wanted or they would not have traded up. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt until those picks don't pan out.

                              Loved the Ramirez selection.

                              Overall grade: B- (with the selection of CJ keeping the grade above a C average).



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