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SI Article: "Catch of a Lifetime?"

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  • SI Article: "Catch of a Lifetime?"

    The most interesting part to me was the trade that Denver offered.. I didn't know they offered so much:: two 1st round picks, a 2nd rounder, two 3rd rounders, and Al Wilson.

    Anyways, it's a pretty good article written by Peter King. Check it out..

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    Millen: Congratulations, you're a Lion!!!!!


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      Good read. That Denver offer is intriguing. I wonder who was winning on the value chart. (rep opportunity lol)


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        They went Ditka and Millen passed. Anybody else remember Cleveland calling everyone after #13 or something trying to get back in. They came in at #22. If we'd done the Denver deal we could've made the trade Dallas did.
        Millen could have done for Detroit what Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson did for Dallas (Hershel Walker trade). They got solid football players and lots of them.


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          hmm, i am not sure how I feel about all those picks and Al Wilson (not sure if he is healthy or not, enough to play, if he IS healthy, i think we messed up in that alone).

          I guess we will have to see. but its hard to say that all those extra picks wouldnt have been a bigger improvement of the team. huh?


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            value chartt it is 2600 for us and 1825 for denver so denver would benefit a lot but I counted one first as a second and one third as a 4th since they would be next years pick and i used every pick as the 21st in each round and Wilson as a 4th round

            if i didnt drop value for next year it would be 2360 for denver


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              Scotty D you are a dirty old man!


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                to be honest im glad we didnt take that trade we wanted to get an elite player and thats what we got in CJ



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