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    Well the first name for July's draft has been anounced and it's a big one. Paul Oliver 6'0'' 205 DB from Georgia who is best known as the guy who held CJ to 2 catches for 13 yrds. Todd McShay has him rated as the top senior CB and a top 10 overall player for next years draft.

    I'd give up a 2nd rounder for him, but I don't think he's a Maranelli type of player, being that he's academically inelgible which is why he's going pro.

    What does everybody else think?

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    4th rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      I would love for us to take him. He would be a first round quality corner. He wanted to stay for his senior season, when he could have bolted for the draft, so that could say something positive about his character.

      I def. want to see him in a Lions uniform bad, would be a great assest for this young defense.


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        i dont know much about him but if he's that good i'd put down our second for him we really need some CB help and if he's that good we couldnt do anybetter with our second next year in adressing CB


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          Thats exactly how i feel, plus i like him better as a long term option than anybody else we have.


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            I'd like to see Green Bay acquire him. They have had so many players drafted over the last three years that they could give up a second rounder on a top quality CB. That would make up for missing on said CB in this draft.
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              I'd love to get him.. but we probably won't. He'd be better off on a defense that doesn't run a Cover 2..

              But the value would be great, getting a potential high Round 1 pick for a 2nd/3rd rounder..


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                I'd give a 2nd Round pick for him, but I don't think the Lions, or any team for that matter would. If he fell to the 4th Round, and the Lions had a chance, I'd be pissed if we passed on him. The near consensus top CB in next year's draft for a 4th Round pick, what a steal. That said, I think he goes in the 3rd.


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                  Unless something drastic happens with him in the next 2 months I say he won't last past the 3rd round based on where Ahmad Brooks went in last years supplemental draft. The difference between the two is that Brooks had a couple injuries his junior year, a lot of people questioned his work ethic/motivation, and he got kicked off of his team for disciplinary reasons. I say ask CJ what he thinks of him and go from there, 2 for 13 yrds looks pretty dang good though.


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                    3rd Rounder IMO.

                    Say we grab him, then we have the chance to snag Cason in next years draft, the two best corners in the 08 draft on the field at the same time. Could be nasty in 3 years


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                      Am I the only one concerned about the part where he is academically ineligable?

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                        It will cost at least a 2nd rounder maybe even higher. He's a consensus top 15 pick when he dropped out of school so he won't come cheap.
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                          i doubt anyone puts their first down for this kid because most teams have no idea where their first could end up im confident if we put down our second we'd get him but im not sure he lasts all the way to our third. Still i think it would be hard not to when this team has a big CB need. Get a guy in the second round that we could have taken next year in the first and fill a major need going into this season, sounds very tempting to me



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