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Packers-Titans, Preseason Week 4

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  • Packers-Titans, Preseason Week 4

    When: 9/3 @ 7:00 pm CT

    I'm not going to be able to watch this one so anyone who does watch can you give me an update on how Clay Matthews looks?

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    Wish I could go to this game in person, went to the Titans vs. Packers game last year. Family lives that way.

    Go Packers, Chiefs, Mizzou Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Chicago Bulls, No. 31 Jeff Burton!


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      gonna be the Brian Brohm show tonight. wonder how bad he'd have to suck to be NOT on the team this year.

      otherwise, i feel like the fullbacks are the only ones truly playing for a roster spot tonight.


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        Brohm has shown progress tonight, still gets some happy feet but that should be minimized with time

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          BJ's such a beast. Too bad he got a piece of that facemask.


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            What happened to Malone? I thought he was going to be a good back up at DE.


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              Good game tonight guys. Thought Raji looked great. Good luck the rest of the way. :)
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                Originally posted by PACKmanN View Post
                What happened to Malone? I thought he was going to be a good back up at DE.
                Alfred? I think he got cut about a week or 2 ago...?
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                  Well, this game was your usual last preseason game...boring and ugly. On the bright side, it should make the coaches decisions a lot easier on who to cut. I'd start with the backups at O-line and in the secondary. My god they are brutal. Those are 2 groups that cannot suffer any big injuries. Ford, Underwood, Lee....yeesh, they were bad. Tony Moll should have been handed his pink slip at half time

                  in any case, the only important thing from this game is that Raji is ok. From all accounts he just suffered a sprained ankle...and he was able to walk under his own power which is a great sign, considering he's sporting a 330+ lbs frame.

                  in a couple days, 22 guys will be out of a job. The FB position will be th emost interesting cut, I think Kuhn is the unfortunate one to get the axe. Hall can catch the ball out of the backfield and Quinn Johnson has looked good


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                    Originally posted by Whistler6 View Post
                    Alred? I think he got cut about a week or 2 ago...?
                    why is he still on the main site?



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