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Half-Glass FULL thread: Positive Vibes

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  • Half-Glass FULL thread: Positive Vibes

    I think I get a bad rap as being negative all the time. I'm not. I try and be as honest as possible despite being a true die hard fan. It's just that I have allowed my hopes to get up so many times, to always be crushed in the end with the one lone exception of the 1996 season.

    Now, all that schit aside, let me prove to you right here and now why the Packers will get to the Super Bowl this season.

    #1- ONE GAME
    What? Last year, even though we didn't win a single playoff game, all we needed during the season was to win ONE of the two games against the Grape Apes and things would have ended up much better. We lost to them by just 1 game in the standings, and had we beaten them just once at Lambeau or the flithy HumptyDump, we would have won the division and had a bye, getting Dallas in the NFC semifinals while the Grapes would have gone to Nawlins in that round.

    I hate that team, make no mistake about it. They have a historical lucky-azz record of, well, luck in the regular seasons. They didn't deserve to win that 49er game last year with the last second long TD pass to Greggy Lewis. That was a miracle in many damn ways.
    They also totally did not deserve to win that Baltimore game either. A kicker hooked the FG wide, in a dome with no wind, on the game's final play?
    Or was there some artificial AC vent wind? We all know they pipe in artificial crowd noise thru the speakers. Even without the conspiracy theory, that was lucky as heII that the kick went wide. All they (purple) could do was watch and hope, and that's what they did and they got the lucky win because the Ravens had decided to get rid of Stover and go with the young Steven Hauschka. They later dumped the young guy I think. Lesson learned but to the Queens benefit of course.

    We lost 2 games last year that we had no business losing. Of course the Steelers game is the one that was ours. The last play you all remember the miracle pinpoint pass to beat us, to beat the raw Josh Bell. You might have forgotten the play before that with Cullen Jenkins whiffing on a clear free sack of Big Ben that would have ended the game as they had no time outs left. A missed tackle by a 310 pound DL cost us that game.
    We also had the 0-7 Bucaneers beaten, up 10 with just about 6 minutes to go. But that's when the special (ed) teams took over. And then all heII broke lose and we donated the crappy Bucs their first ever win. That's a game we needed to win about 45-10 dammit.

    Dallas, Philly or Washington, the Giants.... one of them might emerge, but I like our chances against any of those 4 NFC Easters. San Fran should emerge from the West. We killed them last year thru the first half of the game, but then they started to move on us and then we lost AK and AH ro the ACLs. The Niners are going to be much improved this year, I would peg them for at least 10 wins and I like their hard-nosed coach.
    But I'd like our chances in January against them in Lambeau. But we do play them in GB in December, in the middle of a brutal 5-game stretch where we play 4 on the road with this Niner game being the only home one.
    The Bears and the Motor City Kittens both appear to be much improved. Number one, the Bears looked good late last year beating the Vikings. Devin Aramashodu at WR is an emerging stud I think. I like their addition of Chester Taylor, and of course Julius Peppers will have a big impact in a number of games. Can we count on them to beat the Vikings again? Perhaps, but can we sweep them again? We got lucky to beat them in week 1 last year if you rewatch that ending. We won that turnover battle 4 or 5-0 and still barely pulled it out.

    #5- Law of AVERAGES
    Cross the Saints off. The NFC and NFL Champ never repeats anymore.
    Cross the Viqueens off. The NFC Championship game loser usually suffers a letdown and I can't remember many times in the past 10 years where they even made it back to the NFCCG (just Philly I think).
    That would leave the Packers as the best of the rest IMO, although the Cowboys are the popular pick right now. But the popular pick also rarely comes through too!

    #6- A-GOD
    30-7 last year TD-Int ratio, despite a crappy OL situation for the first half+ of the year. People expect him to get even better with the OL straightened out and with 2 years of playing now under his belt. But damn, I will take it the same as last year and not complain a bit. That year was historically MVP-like. It just got lost in the shuffle of Brees, Favre, and Manning. Was the ball juiced last year or what?

    Anyone think of any other reasons why we will make it back to the Super Bowl finally ??????

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    I don't think there needs to be too much of a "half glass full" approach toward examining the Packers. I think one can objectively say that the Packers have one of the brightest futures out of the teams in the NFL.

    What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
    they get smoked.

    2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions
    Hint:Not the Bears.


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      On that note: It seems to me all the luck during the regular season went the Grapes way, while we had to overcome all kinds of adversity and lost a few close games that could have gone the other way.

      And this:
      Just watching this, AGAIN, it reminds me of how much I hate the Vikings. And they are lucky as hell every year almost. I've seen that team win games with lucky bounces for years, but in the playoffs they don't get them.

      I know I have a few longtime passionate Viking fans, but (and I won't tell them this!) I honestly wouldn't mind at all if they moved these bast*rds to Los Angeles. The state of MN rubs me the wrong way, and I can't stand the team. Ever.

      Now, if you can watch this, you will be reminded of:

      Two horrible calls by the farking zebras that screwed us badly. Un-arguable. Un-deniable. ESPN chooses to show them in their highlight package here because they are obvious huge factors. And bad calls. People tend to forget about these.

      #1 was a 3rd and long incomplete pass by Farve, when the ref threw the flag on Kampman for a late hit. It was bullschit for sure, even the analyst here said so. that ended a punt for them, and led to a TD, so 7-points that ref banged us for.

      #2 later was the interception, BRILLIANT, that woodson made in the end zone. ref decided that woodson committed a penalty and threw the flag for pass interference so 1st & goal at the one, guaranteed TD for them, another farve short pass. It was 7 more points thanks to the zebras.

      you can argue those calls, but as our eyes thought, and the broadcasters said here, they were bad calls. anyone who says refs dont matter is full of smelly brown stuff. they do. besides obvious bad calls like this, they also can set the tone early in games.


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        ughhhh why did you have to post that video... We know about the bad calls, how about Donald Lee dropping that TD pass right to him on 4th down. Alot of things went very badly during that game.

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          Originally posted by PackerLegend View Post
          ughhhh why did you have to post that video... We know about the bad calls, how about Donald Lee dropping that TD pass right to him on 4th down. Alot of things went very badly during that game.
          That's why. I think they had all the breaks, lucky bounces, questionable whistles.
          They can't get all that again this year.


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            Here's a happier video clip, and one that might lead one to believe that we already might have had a possible OLB answer on the team:


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              Chillar? Chillar is no OLB, Brad Jones is the guy at that spot.

              What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
              they get smoked.

              2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions
              Hint:Not the Bears.



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