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Packers-Chiefs, Preseason Week 4

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  • Packers-Chiefs, Preseason Week 4

    Last one until it's for real

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    Matt Flynn put together a nice first half

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      ...and Bush is the best overall player for Green Bay tonight.


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        brett swainzzzzzzzzzz


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          Preseason is such a bore. And a tease. Argh! I WANT FOOTBALL!

          When being a fanboi goes too far.


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            Originally posted by Sportsfan486 View Post
            Preseason is such a bore. And a tease. Argh! I WANT FOOTBALL!
            No s***. Let's close this preseason garbage, and turn the page to PHILLY!
            REAL FOOTBALL is almost here men!

            Some things to watch for:

            #1- Road woes.
            We've been pretty good on the road with Rodgers, but we've lost at Tampa Bay both years, and of course at Minnesota both years, among others.

            #2- Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin..... both of these guys could exploit us and have some big plays. The DB-field we last saw in Arizona, leaving holes and missing tackles... it looks the same to me.

            #3- Brent Celek, TE. I don't know his health status, but I know he's a weapon for Philly, and we have had more than our share of problems covering TEs.

            #4- Brandon Graham... this is they guy I wanted in the draft, but Philly wanted him badly and took him higher than most 'experts' projections. We started last year by making Adewale Ogunleye at DE look like Jared Allen, then week two made Antwan Odom look like Dwight Freeney. I know those weren't the same OTs we have now, thank God. But seeing either Clifton or Tauscher go down wouldn't shock me. And we've seen the Bulaga vs Graham matchup before.

            #5- Special teams. Who here would be surprised if we got gashed for at least one long return from the Eagles?

            Not to sound pessimistic, but just do not be over-confident. Pass defense and special teams are two important areas that we are subpar. Other than homerism, nobody can think we've taken enough steps to shore up either of those areas.



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