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Grading our last game.

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  • Grading our last game.

    I think this would be a good place to come and discuss what we thought about our team the previous week. Grading our units, plays that stood out, etc. etc. So without further ado, I'll start it off with our last game. Miami.

    Special teams- A+ Our return games suffered without Jones or Mathis. Wynn did a decent job, but hopefully with Jones returning soon our PR will also step it up. How could I give ST anything less than an A when Brown won the game for us. The guys performance was simply put... beautiful. That last kick looked like it would have been good from 65 yds.

    Defense-B I think our secondary really stepped up. Robinson hasn't been challenged much, but you can see Bennett helped out. Once Bennett get's better teams will have no choice but to challenge Robinson with a little more frequency. CC Brown also stepped up. I thought our run D wasn't that good. Ronnie Brown was just gashing us. I'm glad they didn't go to him more often, but the tackling technique on some plays was just sloppy. Our D needs to find a way to get more pressure on the QB, I don't know if our blitzes are to vanilla because they're usually picked up, but we should have gotten to Lemon on more plays. The sack Mario picked up was awesome one hand after burning around the lineman. That's a good sign of what we're capable of. The TJ incident.... performance wise it really didn't have an effect so I won't delve into that.

    Offense-B- Matt was good, considering his bruised thigh he found receivers. Yes he struggled, but putting up 300+ yds. is always nice. Having other big plays called back because of penalties is not. Our offense wasted alot of opportunities and our running game was attrocious. I mean, watching Dayne as our starter pains me. (I've never really liked him so this should be nothing new.) However our run blocking was ineffective and Gado picked up less YPC than Dayne so..... I'm sorry I gotta re-grade this weeks performance.


    As a side note, I really hate to say this, (not really.), but maybe we should consider dropping Gado and re-signing Lundy. Our power backs aren't really overpowering anybody and Lundy's style should be more effective. He has some power as well as balance and vision. He might be inconsistent, but at this point I think he presents a better option than Gado.

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