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off-season work-outs started today!

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  • off-season work-outs started today!

    Okay, yesterday actually, but it sounds better sounding up to date. Anyways, seems everyone showed up. You can check some stories out on the offcial Texans site. Which by the way has been remodeled (totally badasser! Cuz, it was badass to begin with!)

    Check it out, seems Schaub was one of the first ones there. I'm starting to get used to this guy already seems like he's really got the potential to take us places. They had another article about him in on the NFL site. Talking about how he's getting along with AJ, communication with other players is awesome.

    They also had an interview with Demeco Ryans on sports radio 610. They had one with Owen Daniels last week, (which I missed, but I heard he's healing nicely from his shoulder injury.) Anyways Demeco was asked all the usual questions, but something I liked was that he kept saying we're wanting to take the next step to being a playoff team. I love this kid's hunger, man, just gets me pumped! He also said Mario had the potential to be something real special. Demeco is simply the man! So is Mario, man it feels GREAT having talent on the team!

    Oh, I figured this would be a good place if anybody sees any other stories or blogs or interviews, to put them here. During off-season work outs. They're supposed to start catching balls and what have you tomorrow.

    GO TEXANS!!!

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