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Possible trade going down with the Broncos!

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  • Possible trade going down with the Broncos!

    According to this site and Smith's presser yesterday.

    and Smiths Presser

    He spoke about the best value for the team and ey trading back does provide the best value for the team.

    Anyways according to the draft value board

    in addition to swapping first rds. the Broncos would give us a second and third rd. pick as well.

    So in closing we would have the 21st, 56th, 73rd and 86th pick.

    Man the implications here are just wow. I'm thinking this is for real and if it is totally changes everything we thought about what was about to go down in the draft. I was planning to do a 1st day mock. So give me a little bit and I'll put one up see what everyone thinks. Man, this is just crazy!!!

    GO TEXANS!!!!!!!

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    hope they make the deal if peterson or okoye is not on the board cuz we need as many picks as we can get. Plus i dont have to sit around for like 8 hours to wait for the texans 3rd rounder more picks makes me more intriged then i already am.


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      I don't know about the rest of you, but I heard that this could happen, and just kind of assumed it would eventually happen, in most of my posts I have been banking on this trade happening. I really thought this would happen once I heard that Denver is really into Calvin Johnson and the Lions have said that they won't make any trades with anyone outside of the top10. I know it still hasn't happened. But I think with the Lions statement, there could be a lot of trade oppurtunities to the texans to try to get into the top 10 and possibily the CJ mix.


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        Trading down with Denver would be the best option for the Texans IMO... You could take Joe Staley in the first, who i have read the texans really like. Maybe try to trade up in the second using one of the 3rd round picks and try to get Bowe, Jarrett, or Steve Smith... In the 3rd round maybe take a chance on Bush, there is no way Green will play every game this season...


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          I would love it if we trade down to 21, nab Nelson and then address our other needs with our newly acquired picks, that would be awesome.


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            I think right now patience is the order of the day. If a prospect like Landry or Peterson were to slip to us at ten, I can't see us passing up that opportunity.

            But if we're not getting an amazing value there, trade down and gather some more picks. Maybe Staley at 21 (assuming he falls), and address our needs on the defensive side of the ball (we need everything... S especially... along with CB, OLB, DT, and a DE to put opposite Williams) with the other first-day picks.



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