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    I'm a Packer fan looking for some information- hopefully you can help.

    The Packer's guards have been inconsistent this year and is probably the weakest spot on the team. Thompson is not a big player in free agency but I could see him trying to pick up a guard this spring and you have 2 potential free agents.

    The Packers play a zone blocking scheme and while the Colts don't both of your guys are lighter and more athletic than the big beheamoth type of players right? As I understand it Scott is the better of the two and close to the top tier of guards if not in the top tier while Lilja is pretty good.

    What are the chances of either hitting the open market and what are the chances of either of them leaving if they do?

    Thanks for your insights

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    I think both will hit the open market and may both be signed by other teams.

    Polian believes that Howard Mudd can make any OL prospect into good OG.

    However, recent history has shown that former Colts' OG that are signed by other teams don't do very well.



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