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Colts' 2009 Draft

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  • Colts' 2009 Draft

    Draft weekend is finally here. Discuss the picks.
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    Three mocks, including Mike Mayock's, have the Colts taking James Laurinaitis. Interesting.

    I'd love the pick of course, especially for the Colts to like him enough to draft him in the 1st round. I wonder if he doesn't beat Gary Brackett for the starting MLB spot in camp. Although I would like to see Adam Seward compete for the job, I have a gut feeling he has some promise.

    And guys like Brian Robiskie or Ziggy Hood could contribute in more needy areas.

    Can't wait for whoever it is.

    Best of luck to the Colts in getting the best possible players.
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      9 picks until the Colts are up!
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        I hate the Falcons!

        We should've traded up.


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          Gutted we lost out on Jerry, I hope we don't settle for Ziggy at 27, Beanie maybe? Baby Animal? Nicks? Robiskie? We have options I guess...

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            I don't think picking Ziggy here is "settling". He could turn out to be the best of the bunch playing for our system.


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              He's a need, and a decent fit, but I don't feel the value is there at 27 for him. I'd prefer Marks in the second rather than Ziggy in the first, but in Polian I trust.

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                Donald Brown apparently.


                I hope he becomes a great one.


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                  im happy we took him over beanie alot better value and overall ability


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                    Brown, do not like. at. all.

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                      I'm speechless right now.

                      Other than saying Gosselin nailed it in his Top 100 yet another year.
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                        I'm just disappointed in it, I trust Polian, but man, I don't think Brown would be in my top 5 players I would want out of those available here...

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                          It's not a bad pick.

                          This guy sounds like this year's Forte, maybe even better.

                          We were dead last in rushing last year (although tiny O-Line had something to do with that).


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                            I pin the rushing game on the O-line, Addai had no holes whatsoever, he offers everything Brown offers IMO.

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                              Colts' 1st round pick: Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut

                              Draft Vignette: Donald Brown
                              Donald Brown on set


                              Donald Brown
                              SELECTED BY: Colts Round 1 (27)
                              RB Junior Connecticut Big East 5-10.5, 211 4.50

                              BIOGRAPHY: Named 2008 Big East Offensive Player of the Year after posting career numbers of 367/2,187/18 on the ground and 21/125 as a pass catcher. Junior rushing totals included 170/821/8 with 14 receptions for 85 yards. Initially,awarded all-Conference honors as a freshman when he posted 161/896/7 on the ground.

                              POSITIVES: Well rounded ball carrier with a versatile game. Displays outstanding vision, ball carrying instincts and patience. Waits for blocks to develop, immediately finds the running lanes and displays terrific open field running skills. Creates his own yardage, makes defenders miss and displays terrific footwork with the ability to sidestep or avoid piles. Runs with a compact style, outstanding balance, body control and tough to knock off his feet. Flashes power on the inside with the ability to breaks several tackles and pick up yardage off initial contact. Effectively uses a straight arm to keep plays alive and shows the ability to pick up the tough yardage. Easily turns the corner, cuts back against the grain and loses little momentum when he must immediately alter his running angle. Solid pass catcher out of the backfield.

                              NEGATIVES: Never really carried the load until his junior season. May not have the size or ability to be used as a short yardage runner in the NFL.

                              ANALYSIS: Brown has been very productive in college showing steady progress and an all-around game. He can be used in a variety of systems at the next level and his versatility makes it difficult to characterize him as a specific type of ball carrier. He may start his career as a rotational running back yet could quickly grow into a teams prime ball carrier.

                              Donald Brown
                              RB, Connecticut
                              War Room analysis

                              POST-DRAFT ANALYSIS:

                              (No. 27 overall, Colts) This is a perfect situation for Brown, and it's a classic Indy pick -- taking the best player on the board as opposed to filling a need. It's a bit of a surprise that Brown went before Beanie Wells, but Brown should provide some versatility and durability for Indianapolis.

                              PRE-DRAFT ANALYSIS:

                              Inside running: Is tough and aggressive. Uses his explosiveness, athleticism and speed to make up for his lack of brute power. Shows good patience waiting for his blockers to open a small hole, makes the sharp cut and then explodes for a long gain. Is able to maneuver in tight quarters. Does a good job of lowering his shoulders and running with good body lean in traffic. Wraps up and protects the ball well. Will drive through tackles to gain a yard or two after contact before going down. Grade: 6.5

                              Outside running: Is able to consistently make big plays once he gets outside. Gets to full speed quickly and has the burst to outrun defenders who have a clear path to chase him down. Is a dangerous cutback runner. Grade: 8.0

                              Blocking: Has little experience as a lead blocker. Lacks the size and strength to be consistently effective. Must become more aggressive and use better technique in pass protection. Grade: 5.0

                              Hands/routes: Can twist his body to adjust and make tough catches. Never fights the ball. Has a lot of experience running routes, from both the backfield and a receiver alignment. Makes things happen when he catches the ball in the open field. Grade: 8.5

                              Durability: Played through a number of minor college injuries. Doesn't seem to tire out. Always wants to be in on the play. Looks thin on film. Grade: 7.5

                              Bottom line: Brown, a junior, had a standout career at Connecticut. He is not a big back, but he runs with an aggressiveness and toughness that helps him play bigger than his size. His athleticism helps him change directions easily in traffic, which allows him to avoid hard hits, a trait most smaller NFL backs have. Brown could sneak into the first round, and he will be a productive starting back who consistently makes big plays as a ballcarrier and receiver at the next level.

                              Career statistics

                              Rushing Receiving
                              Team Att. Yds. Avg. TD Att./TD Rec. Yds. Avg. TD
                              '06 UConn 161 950 5.9 7 23.0 13 66 5.1 2
                              '07 UConn 170 895 5.3 8 21.3 14 85 6.1 0
                              '08 UConn 367 2187 6.0 18 20.4 21 125 6.0 0
                              Totals 698 4032 5.8 33 21.2 48 276 5.8 2
                              I can buy that Brown was the pure BPA on the board. Hood and Robiskie were more 2nd round guys, but still. Quality guys.

                              Watching that NFL Network video, Brown kind of reminds me of pre-injury Edge. Well I hope he plays like him anyways.

                              So, what, does Addai get traded next year? Don't know how both guys get enough touches.

                              Then again the Steelers took Mendenhall last year, and needed Mewelde Moore.
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