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  • 3 round mock

    1) M. Jenkins c.b. ohio state
    dont be fooled by the 40 time guys...he ran the fastest cone drill in the entire draft and faster than any of last years corners ran it as well!..he has extremely fluid hips, is very physical at the line and has a great feel for the game...great hands, superb tackler, natural leader and playmaker...if he runs in the 4.4's at his proday he will go top 5.

    2) J. Freeman q.b. ksu
    raw q.b. with a tremendous ceiling and cannon arm is great value here...will have a few years to learn behind garrard so there is no rush...perefect situation for him and the team...could develope into a legit franchise q.b.

    3) D. Beckwith mlb lsu
    very good mlb prospect to replace peterson...fills a need at very good value here....sleeper

    complete mock here


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    Hi, new to these forums but huge Jags fan, I don't see them going for Jenkins in the first round with the 40s times he got at his pro days plus not seeming very fluid in the hips I just don't see him as a top 10 pick anymore. Maybe Vonte Davis at #8. As far as QB goes they will likely look toward the 4-6th rounds for a QB to groom, they have sent Mike Shula to go see Stephen McGee and of course he loves John Parker Wilson so those would be the QBs I would bet they target late in the draft.



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