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Dwayne Bowe?

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  • Dwayne Bowe?

    Does anyone know what the holdup is on his deal? I suspected early on that he would hold out, but I haven't really heard anything at all on his status and given that it sound like Parker and Webb are not playing well in camp right now it seems imparitive that he is in camp.

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    no more holdup :D


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      Maybe I should have asked sooner. :)


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        the reason it took so long for him to sign was because he was waiting for brady quinn sign and then he would but it seems brady is going to hold out through most of the preseason.


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          From his interview it sounded like He(as in Dwayne Bowe) didn't have anything to do with the negotiations. He just let his agent do the talking. I guess if that earned him an extra 100 grand then so be it. Then again, he probably stunted his growth pretty hard too...from OTA's it sounds like Bowe is a hard-working guy, and in the end this was just the ugly buisness side of the NFL...enough said.
          hate him back, it works for me.



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