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    Less than two weeks to go and it's pretty quite around here. I know we have looked terrible in the preseason and are bracing ourselves for a long season, but I remember in Vermil's first year when we were 4-8 and I kept wanting to see us lose games to get a high draft pick. That was until the games actually started and I found I couldn't cheer for a loss and ever since I have decided I don't want to feel we have to tank the season. That said here are some positives I've seen that has me excited for the season:

    1. Larry Johnson is back and will reshape how our offense looks. Most of the preseason we have not been able to get more than 3 yards on first down making passing downs very difficult. With LJ in the fold I expect more short 2nd and 3rd down opprotunities allowing us to be more creative on offense.

    2. Dwyane Bowe is going to be a beast. He will drop a couple of key passes this year I'm sure, but overall this guy will find a way to get open and is going to make some big plays for us. His ability to gain yardage after the catch is going to be a huge addition for our team.

    3. Our WR depth isn't bad. Even though we haven't had anyone step up in the preseason, we do have a decent pool of guys to draw from in Parker, Webb, and Hannon in which I think one of these guys will step up through the year. There are no more Chris Horn type players with very limited upside limiting our growth at the postion.

    4. We have the best punter in the league and our overall special teams appears better this year. This is huge for a team that is expected to play in a lot of close games.

    5. Our OLine is still full of vetrens and looking across the names it could be worse. When McIntosh gets back and we start running an actual offense these guys have to be better than they have shown so far.

    6. We might have the best LB core in the league. DJ looks amazing so far and I forgot just how good Donnie Edwards is. This is a fast group that should make some plays, though I do worry about Harris's tackeling right now as he has looked spotty. The depth here is great and we have come a long way here in a short time.

    7. This is the best DLine we have had in a long time. The push we were able to get against the Saints the other night was remarkable and something we haven't gotten to see in some time. Tank Tyler is going to be starting here soon and will add a huge element to this line.

    8. We have playmakers in the secondary. This group is going to get burnt a few times this year, but they also have a chance to make a bunch of game changing plays. I was worried about this unit coming in, but there is a lot of speed in the safety group and they should add an exciting element to our D.

    That's a few things right now. I am getting excited, though I admit I am very nervous about this group. Week 1 should be fun though and set the tone early for how our season should go.

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    Great read my man. I'm excited for this season to get under way. I've been talking KC up for awhile and have gotten reemed for it throughout the pre-season. It is just pre-season, so hopefully I will have the last laugh come playoff time.
    When I heard on the radio when Bowe caught that ball from Croyle(vs. Saints) and the crowd just lit up I got chills.....Him and Sippio seem very similar, Big and strong..which is always good to have when goign against small safeties.

    Our line is a big question mark. I thought Svitek was goign to be ok, but wow...I was WRONG. Then again, look at what happened when Roaf left us, our offense went to crap, so hopefully we will see a dramatic improvement when D-mac comes back.

    Tank Tyler will be awesome, I am praying that Turk comes along too, I did notice he was third on the depth chart......I don't know what his problem is.
    Let's get the Texans.
    hate him back, it works for me.


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      Also, the more I think about it, I think it's a good idea to get Croyle behind a better line. We need some youth and depth there...even though we got some wily vets. Hopefully we pick up some high end Tackles and get the situation taken care of.
      hate him back, it works for me.



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