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10 Reasons the Chiefs Will Be Better in 2009

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  • 10 Reasons the Chiefs Will Be Better in 2009

    1 - Herm is Gone - I was OK with the hiring of Herm. Didn't love it. But I was OK with it. Herm's a good guy. I think he's a pretty good motivator and evaluator of talent. But he's one of the worst game day coaches I've ever watched.

    2 - Cassel at QB - After watching Huard, Croyle and Thigpen, I was very pleased to see Pioli make his first order of business getting a legitimate quarterback.

    3 - Vrabel at LB - Vrabel will be the quarterback of the defense. Didn't have one last year. He lead the Pats in sacks twice, and will bring much needed intensity to this side of the ball.

    4 - No More Cover 2 - While it will take some time to transition to the 3-4, I'll be very happy if I never see the Chiefs in a Cover 2 as their base defense.

    5 - The O-Line - While Chiefs fans remain unhappy, the offensive line is not that bad. We've become a bit spoiled with great line play during the Marty and Vermeil years. The Chiefs upgraded with the signings of Goff and Ghiaciuc. We'll be fine up front.

    6 - Youth - The Youth Movement is one year older. Whew!

    7 - Chan Gailey - Last year Chan completely revamped the offense around Tyler Thigpen half way through the season. Impressive work. This year he's got a real QB.

    8 - Zach Thomas - Another great pickup. Leadership and intensity.

    9 - Carl Peterson - Yep, after about a hundred years at the helm, Carl is gone. Carl did many good things for the Chiefs and for Kansas City. But it was time for a the change. Thank you Clark Hunt.

    10 - And did I mention that Herm is gone?
    Pioli Will Lead, I Will Follow!

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    the biggest reasons are Josh McDaniels and Al Davis


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      5 and 8 are the only ones I disagree with.

      Ghuciac is not an upgrade over anyone. The dominant AFCN NTs DESTROYED him, and who do we play this year? The AFC N.

      Zach Thomas is a one year stopgap. He was absolutely terrible last year. He will be terrible this year.

      The rest are pretty agreeable.

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      His soft D really turns me off
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        Yea, I'm still not sure he's much of an upgrade over Rocky Boiman IMHO. He does bring leadership. Also, I don't really see Vrabel as the probowler he used to be.....

        Our line has been upgraded. Assuming Watters comes back. McSack was improving down the stretch and we picked up goff. As long as those dominant nose tackles don't play when we play the AFC North, then we'll be allright :).
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