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5 Reasons the Chiefs Will Still Have a Losing Season in 2009

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  • 5 Reasons the Chiefs Will Still Have a Losing Season in 2009

    1 - Transition to the 3-4 Defense - It takes time to make a transition from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense. Time to implement. Time to learn. And time to acquire the right players. This is at least a two year process.

    2 - Inexperience - Not only is much of the team young, so is the owner, the GM and the head coach. Hopefully they all grow up together. And quickly.

    3 - Tony Gonzalez - Though it was the right move for the long-term, it certainly hurts the offense in the short-term. He's a role model. Nobody outworks Tony. He's the only player the opposing defense had to account for. He'll be missed.

    4 - Pioli's Long-term View - Pioli isn't looking for the quick fix. This won't be an Atlanta Falcons type turnaround. He avoided overpaying in free agency to fill needs. If he follows the "Patriots Way", Pioli will build through the draft. He'll make some smart trades. And he'll fill some holes with lower-tiered free agents. Maybe make a splash in free agency once every few years.

    5 - Youth - I know we covered this above, but here's the crux of why the Chiefs haven't been very good the last couple of years. The "good" teams have a group of talented starters in the prime of their careers. Young veterans. Players who are 25-30 years old. The Chiefs had none of that last year. From the five drafts during the Vermeil years, the players who should have been hitting the prime of their career, the Chiefs had Larry Johnson, Derrick Johnson and Dustin Colquitt. That's it. Five drafts. Three players still on the team.
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    What a Debbie Downer!

    In all seriousness though, I don't think any Chiefs fan on these boards thinks that it'll be a Dolphins/Falcons turnaround, but I do think we will end up surprising some people.

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    His soft D really turns me off
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      Not a downer. I love our Chiefs! Trying to be realistic in our expectations.

      If we go 6-10 I'll be pleased. Anything better than that and I'll be ecstatic. :)
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        1. That's why they brought in the veterans they brought in. The biggest issue with the 3-4 transition is the linebackers, and with Thomas & Vrabel, that's half of the equation that already knows what to do.

        2. They have just as much experience and inexperience as any other team out there.

        3. TE's don't really factor into Haley's offense that much, and Cassel hadn't built any chemistry with Tony. Cottam is perfect for what they want out of the position. Bobby Engram should have a huge year for the Chiefs. Low YPC and not very exciting, but will be a key player in moving the chains.

        4. Pioli looks to the long-term, but it's not like he's not trying to put together a team that can win now, either... His philosophy is as-much geared towards cheap, plug-in veteran free agentss who want to win through as it is the draft (probably more-so).

        5. Overall, they're really not that young, especially when you consider how experienced the younger players are.


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          I still think we're not running a straight 3-4. I think it'll be primarilly a 4-3under(Like Clancy did in Arizona) Otherwise Dorsey would be worthless. The 43u fits a lot better than a traditional 43 or 34.But I tend to agree with nepg. That vet linebacking core will help us a long way.

          TG will be missed, no doubt man. And Cottam will be a viable threat in his own right.
          Herm left us with some playmakers, we should fare pretty well.
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