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    Here's the final list curtosy of

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    Every year a couple of these guys seem to make the team. The guy I'm really interested in seeing is Stanley Doughty from South Carolina. He's massive at 330 lbs and is a pretty good run stuffer. He's not a guy who is going to fill up a stat sheet, but I could see him making an impact on first and second down eating up blockers and helping shut down the run game.


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      Rumor is floating around that we picked up Ramonce Taylor. I wouldn't want to risk a draft pick on this kid, but there's really no risk as an UDFA. His upside is through the roof but we all know about his character issues.

      Originally posted by BrownsTown

      If Chase Daniel finishes top 5 in the Heisman I'll cut my balls off.



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        I'm a big fan of the Chris Harris pick the guys a freak.
        Jamaal Charles is the best RB in the NFL


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          Doughty and Price are the ones that I think we should keep an eye out for. Doughty left early because there was a possibility that he would be a day one pick but character concerns forced him out of the draft. He could be a major steal. Price has all of the measurables but played for a small school which hurt his stock. Wouldn't surprise me to see him PS it this year and maybe look to be in the same spot as Hannon next year.


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            Watch out for George Batiste I can see himj mak the team and become a starter at some point


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              Sorry for the long URL, it seems like Teicher is impressed with a CB too.....
              hate him back, it works for me.



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