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9 undrafted rookies signed

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  • 9 undrafted rookies signed

    The Miami Dolphins today signed the following nine undrafted college free agents:

    DE Ryan Baker (6-5, 295, 11/25/84, Purdue)

    TE Jared Bronson (6-4, 255, 12/24/84, Central Washington)

    NT Louis Ellis (NT, 6-2, 320, 10/7/85, Shaw)

    RB Anthony Kimble (6-0, 215, 4/9/86, Stanford)

    G Mark Lewis (6-3, 305, 7/17/85, Oregon)

    WR Brennan Marion (5-11, 190, 8/25/87, Tulsa)

    DE Orion Martin (6-2, 260, 9/2/85, Virginia Tech)

    TE SirVincent Rogers (6-4, 310, 5/9/86, Houston)

    WR Chris Williams (5-8, 175, 9/16/87, New Mexico State)

    Sure hope we found something in Ellis cause we sure as hell need a young NT.

    Props to fenikz on the awesome sig

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    Rogers is an OT, not a TE. And I'm pretty excited about him.

    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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      Only ones worth anything on that list ar Orion Martin and Brennan Marion.

      I wouldn't be surprised to see Marion outplay Hartline and Turner and land a spot on this team.

      The rest are just TC fodder. They wont stick.



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