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vikes cut dwight smith

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  • vikes cut dwight smith

    from PFT


    The Minnesota Vikings have released safety Dwight Smith, according to Kevin Seifert of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

    "We were just going in a different direction," coach Brad Childress said. "I don't want to cast any aspersions."

    Smith was signed by the Vikings prior to the 2006 season. An arrest for doing the lambada in a public stairwell got him benched for the season-opener against the Redskins. No such penalty was imposed against Smith after he was arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession during the 2007 regular season.

    Seifert also says that Smith had "occasional disagreements" with the coaching staff.

    The Vikings will need to replace Smith through the draft or free agency. Given that the Vikings use the Tampa 2 system, safety position is more important than it would be in other systems.

    Possible candidates include Gibril Wilson of the Giants and Ken Hamlin of the Cowboys.
    oh noes!!1! i've been rep raped

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    Lol and I just posted this in the off season moves thread too. I'm glad we got rid of Smith.


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      The Beginning of a Great Offseason as Begun.

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        Hopefully that great offseason will continue with the Ken Hamlin being signed by the Vikings.


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          yeah, this is great news. I have been on the "dump dwight" bandwagon all season. opens up our options in the draft somewhat too. all in all, a great move.


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            KENNY KENNY KENNY.

            Or Reggie.
            "Kenny Phillips has the body of Sean Taylor and the speed and knowledge of Ed Reed"

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              Originally posted by swagger View Post
              KENNY KENNY KENNY.

              Or Reggie.
              but not Ken

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                1. Williams
                2. Phillips

                starters for the future baby



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