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What will be the focus now?

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  • What will be the focus now?

    With Jared Allen slated to be a MN Viking, at the price of our 1st and both 3rd's, what do you guys think we will be, or should be targeting with our second?

    To me it is a no brainer; if a solid OT falls to us we grab him, unless Dustin Keller is there in the second. I would not want us to pas up on him. He would be a great weapon and bail out option for TJack. Then we can go for an OT/S/QG/WR with our later pics

    Your thoughts?

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    I am thinking OT or TE. If Keller or Carlson are there I would be very happy with either. If not them I am thinking Baker/Collins/Nicks all of who would be awesome.


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      any of the Baker/Collins/Nicks would be awesome


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        Yeah, I am seeing Collins or Sam Baker in the second.


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          I'd rate Marceleleleleauss ssss ssss ssss (did I spell that right?) Bennett over Carlson and Keller.

          But doesn't matter, OT in the second now. Cook's a sieve. Shore up that position, give TJack some time, let him get confidence....Oh god let TJack get confidence, and time, and receivers with hands, and a brain, and a heart, and courage Toto. Give TJack courage Toto.


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            I'd definatly take Martellus Bennet over Dustin Keller in a heart beat. However I'm not too sure they will be thinking TE with their only 1st day pick. They have good chunk of change invested in Shiancoe so he will get every oppurtunity to be the man. Then they already have a elite blocking TE in Jim Kleinsasser, and than they have Garret Mills who they seem to like and played well when he got the chance last year. I really hope they get Anthony Collins but I wouldn't be upset with Trevor laws or one of the 2nd round safetys.


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              the guys i'd be focused on are Sam Baker, Malcom Kelly, Dustin Keller, DaJuan Morgan those are the 4 guys id go after



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