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Vikings Draft Big Board(if you are someone making a mock Please read)

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  • Vikings Draft Big Board(if you are someone making a mock Please read)

    Ok so, i was tired of seeing a bunch of people giving us either Ted Ginn at #7, people making us go defense in the first and second round, and other mistake so i have come up with our big board that we will create for everyone including ourselves. . . The basic idea i had for this is i will list the main potential Picks for us in the First 2 rounds(more rounds later) Than i want my fellow viking fans to Put up there big board using those players For example...

    1.Calvin Johnson
    2.Gaines Adams
    3.Brady Quinn
    1.Sidney Rice
    2.greg Olsen
    2.Arron Sears
    I will than Average out where each player ranked on the viking fan boards to decide their rank. the player on the most Big boards and the Highest average will be Consensus #1 pick and the next with the most #2 so on and so forth. Also if theres someone i dont have up there that you think should be on the list of possiblity's please tell me but i will try to list all the possibility's no matter how slim a chance. I know i have a lot of Players listed They are just all of the many possibilities both reaches and ones with slim chances of being available, just please atleast Have your top Six for each round...

    Potential Picks:

    RD 1
    Calvin Johnson WR Ga. Tech
    Ted Ginn JR WR Ohio State(to show how much we dont want him)
    Dwayne Jarret WR USC
    JaMarcus Russel QB LSU
    Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
    Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
    Levi Brown OT Penn State
    Gaines Adams DE Clemson
    Jamal andersen DE Arkansas
    Alan Branch DT Michigan
    Amobi Okye DT Louisville
    Laron Landry S LSU
    Reggie Nelson S Florida
    Patrick willis MLB Mississippi

    Rd 2
    Greg Olsen TE Miami
    Zach Miller TE Arizona State
    Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
    Anthony Gonzalez WR Ohio State
    Jason Hill WR Washington State
    Andraue Allison WR east Carolina
    Craig Davis WR LSU
    Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
    Arron Sears OT Tennessee
    Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
    Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas
    Tim Crowder DE Texas
    Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame
    Anthony Spencer DE Purdue
    Charles Johnson DE Georgia
    Quentin Moses DE Georgia
    Marcus Mcauley Cb Fresno State
    Aaron Ross CB Texas
    Daymeion Hughes CB California
    Eric Right CB UNLV

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    Vikings Big Board

    RD 1
    1.Calvin Johnson WR Ga Tech(7 votes avg 1)
    2.Gaines Adams DE Clemson(7 votes avg 2.5)
    3.Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame(7 votes avg 3.71)
    4.Laron Landry S LSU(7 votes avg 4.71)
    5.Amobi Okoye DT Louisville(6 votes avg 6)
    6.Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma(4 Votes avg 4)
    7.Jammal Anderson DE Arkansas(4 votes avg 6.5)
    8a.Alan Branch DT Michigan(4 votes avg 7)
    8b.Patrick Willis MLB Mississippi(4 votes avg 7)

    RD 2
    1.Sidney Rice WR South carolina(6 votes avg 1.83) - has More #1's
    2.Greg Olsen TE Miami(6 votes avg 1.83)
    3.Charles Johnson DE Georgia(5 votes avg 4.4)
    4.Jason Hill WR Washington ST.(7 votes Avg 6.43)
    5.Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame(7 votes avg 6.57
    6.Ben Grubbs OT Auburn(4 votes avg 4.7)
    7.Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas(4 votes avg 7.25)
    8.Quentin Moses DE Georgia(3 votes avg 2.3)
    9.Joe Staley OT Central Michigan(3 votes avg 5)
    10.Arron Sears OT/OG Tennessee(3 votes avg 5.6)
    11.Zach Miller TE Arizona St.(3 votes avg 5.67)
    12. Craig Davis WR LSU (3 votes avg 7.3)

    **Note for all Mock Draft makers, if we go Defense in round one please dont have us go Defense in RD2 aswell
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      Ok so ill get us Started now
      1.Calvin Johnson
      2.Gaines Adams
      3.Brady Quinn
      4.Amobi Okoye
      5.Laron Landry
      6.Jamal Anderson
      7.Alan Branch
      8.Patrick Willis

      RD 2
      1.Sidney Rice
      2.Charles Johnson
      3.Greg Olsen
      4.Arron Sears
      5.Joe Staley
      6.Anthony Spencer
      7.Victor Abiamiri
      8.Anthony Gonzalez
      9.Tony Ugoh
      10. Craig Davis
      11.Ben grubbs
      12. Jason Hill


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        *** Round 1 ***
        1) Calvin Johnson - WR / Georgia Tech
        2) Gaines Adams - DE / Clemson
        3) Brady Quinn - QB / Notre Dame
        4) LaRon Landry - FS / LSU
        5) Patrick Willis - ILB / Ole Miss
        6) Amobi Okoye - DT / Louisville
        7) Adam Carriker - DE/Nebraska
        8.)DeWayne Bowe - WR / LSU
        (Only if we trade down around 15)
        9) Greg Olsen - TE / Da U
        (Only if we traded down past 1
        10.) Michael Griffin - FS / Texas
        (Only if we traded down past 22)

        *** Round 2 ***
        1) Sidney Rice - WR / South Carolina
        2) Anthony Gonzalez - WR / tOSU
        3) Justin Blaylock - OG-OT / Texas
        4) Joe Staley - OT-OG / Central Michigan
        5) Ben Grubbs - OG / Auburn
        6) Aaron Sears - OG-OT / Tennessee
        7) Anthony Spencer - DE / Purdue
        8.)Charles Johnson - DE / Georgia
        9) David Haris / LB / Michigan
        10) Tim Crowder / DE / Texas

        *** Round 3 ***
        1) Craig Davis - WR / LSU
        2) Jason Hill - WR / Washtington State
        3) Rufus Alexander ILB / Oklahoma
        4) David Harris - ILB / Michigan
        5) Eric Wright - CB / UNLV
        6) Brandon Mebane - DT / California
        7) Ryan McBean - DT / Oklahoma St
        8.)Tony Ugoh - OT / Arkansas
        9) Steve Smith - WR / USC
        10) Dallas Baker - WR / Florida (probably more of a 4th rounder)
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          1. Calvin Johnson
          2. Joe Thomas
          3. Adrian Peterson
          4. Gaines Adams
          5. Laron Landry
          6. Brady Quinn
          7. Amobi Okoye

          1. Ben Grubbs
          2. Greg Olsen
          3. Jason Hill
          4. Aaron Sears
          5. Joe Staley
          6. Sidney Rice
          7. Victor Abiamiri
          8. Craig Davis
          9. Daymeion Hughes


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            guys we have the 7th pick in the first and the 9th pick in the 2nd, you need not go more than that because obviously there cant be more than that amount of players taken...haha


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              1st Round:

              1. Calvin Johnson
              2. Gaines Adams
              3. Brady Quinn
              4. LaRon Landry
              5. Amobi Okoye
              6. Patrick Willis

              2nd Round:

              1. Sidney Rice
              2. Quentin Moses
              3. Zach Miller
              4. Victor Abiamiri
              5. Tony Ugoh
              6. Jason Hill



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                Thanks For the input so far...though we Need More Viking fans to give their input with their Boards
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                  1st Round:
                  1. Calvin Johnson
                  2. Gaines Adams
                  3. Laron Landry
                  4. Brady Quinn
                  5. Adrian Peterson
                  6. Jamaal Anderson
                  7. Amobi Okoye
                  8. Alan Branch
                  9. Patrick Willis

                  Round 2:
                  Sidney Rice
                  Greg Olsen
                  Charles Johnson
                  Ben Grubbs
                  Zach Miller
                  Victor Abiamiri
                  Jason Hill
                  Tony Ugoh


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                    How come we have the 9th pick in the second round instead of the second?
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                      I think because the records are the same between 7-9 and they switch throughout the Draft.

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                        Ohhh...I see.

                        Round 1:
                        1. Calvin Johnson
                        2. Brady Quinn
                        3. Gaines Adams
                        4. Adrian Peterson
                        5. Laron Landry
                        6. Jamaal Anderson
                        7. Amobi Okoye

                        Round 2:
                        1. Sidney Rice
                        2. Greg Olsen
                        3. Quentin Moses
                        4. Charles Johnson
                        5. Jason Hill
                        6. Chris Houston
                        7. Michael Bush
                        8. Victor Abiamiri
                        9. Brandon Merriweather
                        I'm a loser and a user so I don't need no accuser to try and slag me down because I know you're right.~ Green Day


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                          Alright Updated Thanks for the input... Need more though so that the board smoothens out a bit


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                            first round:

                            1. CJ
                            2. Joe Thomas
                            3. Gaines Adams
                            4. AD
                            5. Brady Quinn
                            6. Alan Branch
                            7. LaRon Landry

                            Second Round:

                            1. Greg Olsen
                            2. Q. Moses
                            3. Charles Johnson
                            4. Eric Weddle
                            5. Brandon Merriweather
                            6. Jason Hill
                            7. Michael Bush
                            8. Victor Abiamiri
                            9. Zach Miller


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                              Thanks for the input big board is updated, changes made as of now If a person is on atleast 70%(5 votes) of the big boards they can leap frog people that are on more boards if they have higher avg also 40%(3 votes) to get up on the board that number will change to 50% when we get more.... so please feel free to contribute vikings fans



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