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  • There was a rumor

    that the Vikings were going to trade with the Falcons to acquire Matt Schaub. Now that Johnson is gone, that 2nd + Johnson rumor is obviously not going to happen. What other player would you guys consider giving up + a 2nd rounder to acquire Matt Schaub from the Atlanta Falcons? I know he doesn't get much love on these boards, I was just curious what you guys thought.

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    I wouldn't trade for him. But I'd maybe trade Udeze, Marcus Johnson or someone else.


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      Cool, Was just wondering what the fans were thinking, I know not many people on this board like him. Atleast til he ends up on their team, but just wanted to see.


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        Originally posted by iloxygenil View Post
        Cool, Was just wondering what the fans were thinking, I know not many people on this board like him. Atleast til he ends up on their team, but just wanted to see.
        It's not that people on this board dont like him, people are just annoyed that the falcons(and their fans) expect a kings ransome for him. My thoughts anyway.

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          I don't understand why we would trade for Matt Schaub. Why would we collect unproven quarterbacks??
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            From everything I've read Atlanta still wants a 1 and 3 ...I don't think they're looking for castoffs as compensation for a guy who'd be a starting QB.
            a 1 and 3 IMO is to high for Schuab. I don't hate the guy, but there's no way he's worth that much.

            If we're looking for a franchise type signal caller ...then we won't trade out of the slot we're in , and if Quinn is there...I'd be very suprised if we didn't take him. If it really is posturing that Childress went to watch he Quinn work out, he's selling it better than I'd ever have given him credit for.


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              That's like setting the price, it's negotiable, I think his value is about a mid round first. I think that's not too much to ask, he's far more proven than ANY of the QBs coming out this year, people just do NOT realize that these guys are going to be rookies, Schaub has competed against NFL talent for a few years now, he's not unproven, he's just unproven on a week to week basis. I'd take him over any QB coming out this year except MAYBE Jamarcus if I had a real vertical style passing attack.


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                Last year we offered a 2nd and a 4th ...with the potential for another 2nd...when the Falcons came back with the "we want a first" I think
                negotiations with us ended.
                Like I said Schaub is a decent talent, but it would make zero sense
                to trade out of our slot right now when a better college talent in Quinn
                might be staring us in the face, and would cost us nothing to simply take him.
                Right now in evaluating potential the beleif around the league is that
                Quinn's potential is regarded as much higher than Schaub's is.

                Plus I'm not convinced that Atlanta wants to trade him. Vick will be an 8 year starter next year and the team has progressivly gotten worse year in and out with him....he makes so much cash that the team is strapped to get defensive help. If they could find a "buyer" to take at least SOME of that salary hit...they I think they'll try and move him next year....if they fail to make the playoffs this year.

                Schaub is their insurance policy, and they're not interested in having zero QB's next year and getting nothing in return. That's why I believe they're demanding a 1st. If Schaub goes to say a Carolina and takes them to the Super Bowl...wouldn't Atlanta look pretty stupid for trading him away ??? for
                anything less than a #1 ? (which again right now is to high)
                You dont' give away #1's for potential. And that what this comes down to.

                To me he's proven that he can play. I think his career TD's to INT's is 6-6...but his Comp% is around 50% ....and his record I think is 1-1.
                I'm not sure how this would warrent a #1 to you...but to me his value right now is probably around 45-50 ...a mid 2nd. Nothing more.
       I said if we decide on a new QB Quinn might be there and would cost us "nothing" as far as additional players / picks or money.
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                  Alright dude, seriously, it seems like all you do is try to unload Schaub on us. You came here earlier and was talking about trading Schaub to us, are you his agent or something?

                  As for Schaub, no, I wouldnt want him, i'd rather have Quinn or, well, just no. No Schaub.



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