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  • Chad Greenway

    Whats the status on him? did he recover well, did he have a chance to show any potential before he got hurt or is the jury still out as to whether he will be solid or not....

    i was just wondering, i kept an eye on him, carpenter and lawson that year and im very curious as to how he shows up...if he plays to potential you guys should have one of the best front sevens in football

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    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.

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    He's right on track, and I think he'll have at 80 solo tackles for us this year.


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      Last I heard (local radio interview) he said he was at "about 85%"
      of course that was almost 3 months ago already. I fully expect him
      to be back near 100% during mini camps. If he can shake off the
      fear of retearing his knee he should be very solid.
      As far as our defensive front seven...we should be solid not flashy.
      Not very deep in some areas and overstacked at LB. The key will be
      staying off the field (offensive production) and staying fresh. Near the
      end of the year we were worn down and defeated mentally.


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        How are we "overstacked" at LBer?

        We have 2 proven starters, Leber and Henderson, and the wild card, Chad Greenway coming off of an ACL tear. Nobody else really worth mentioning. How is that "overstacked"?
        "Kenny Phillips has the body of Sean Taylor and the speed and knowledge of Ed Reed"

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          Where did you read overstacked with TALENT ???
          I swear sometimes I think there's a glitch between what you read and what is written. With Ciruciu (sp) and Farwell, Leber/Greenway/ Henderson/Thomas/ Jason Glenn / and Rod Davis...I think we're pretty deep there.
          We could still use an elite talent in the middle , but if we don't get one day 1 we won't take one (IMO).
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            I wouldn't want Ciruciu nor Farwell nor Glenn nor Davis nor Thomas to ever see the field on regular defense. We are "overstacked" with guys who are hardly legitimate backups.

            I guess we are also "overstacked" at receiver. Bobby Wade, Troy Williamson, Billy McMullen, Jason Carter, Martin Nance. We don't have any room for anybody else.

            PS. "Overstacked" isn't even a word.
            "Kenny Phillips has the body of Sean Taylor and the speed and knowledge of Ed Reed"

            sig by vikes99ej

            RIP Sean Taylor
            4/1/1983 - 11/27/2007


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              It's slang , you really should get out of the house once in a while....interatct with human beings and pop a beatles cd in the car.
              Far to much pent up anger.

              Not to mention I never said this was a solid positon. You have an almost adjenda
              to put words into my mouth, perhaps it's envy..who knows.
              Please stick to commenting on what I say, not what you think was said.


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                I wouldn't say were "Stacked" but we have some depth. I like EJ starting at MLB, he played that in college and preformed very well. Leber was a solid addition last year, we just need Greenway to step in show us he's worth our first round pick last year. I also like D. Thomas as a back up, dude can fly... just needs to let loose and ring some bells.

                Defense should be good... we just need to worry about the other side of the ball. WE NEED A PLAYMAKER...cough* cough* Adrian Peterson.


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                  The way I used the term "stacked" could very easily mean "have depth"...perhaps if people would concentrate more on the substance and worry less about the semantics we could actually discuss the topic.

                  Now Henderson did play MIKE at Maryland (and played pretty well) but he also played it here...for a year and a few games...and played very poorly.
                  I think it's everyone's HOPE that , now that he has more experience in the NFL that he will be able to make the adjustments neccessary.

                  ...But I'm not holding my breath. (He's an instinctive player always has been and probably always will be)


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                    Never really was a big fan of Greenway but it's way too early to tell. I agree with the depth I just wish it was a little more quality. The whole you have a lot then really you have nothing argument.



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