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  • Some good some bad

    - Really like the fact that we are seriously looking to extend Fat Pat's contract and think as time goes, an extension for him should definitely evolve into a reality (as we have more than enough money to do so).

    - Really unfortunate to hear that Erasmus is still facing a long comeback and this really furthers the thought that we need to address the DE position in our near future. Hopefully some of our other guys can step up and prove that they deserve a spot on our defense.

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    I don't like how Childress seems to be hanging onto playcalling duties because "he enjoys it". Who the hell cares what you enjoy, Brad? You are a football coach. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I've heard him talk about continuing to call plays because he "enjoys it". This isn't his personal playground, he is paid a lot of money to win football games. He even concedes that a head coach could probably be a better job if somebody else is calling plays. Somewhat contradictory...

    I like how he said he wants to get another back to help preserve Chester Taylor. But where the hell was that idea during the season? Mewelde is a more-than-capable backup. Why wasn't he smart enough to create more of a 2-back system during the season?

    What's that crap about this Naufahu Tahi guy???

    I have this feeling about Erasmus that he has a poor work ethic.
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      yeah, thats not good news and swagger you are right, it seems like james isnt really putting everything into getting back and being healthy


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        Yeah... it seems like James is taking longer than usual. He better hurry his ass up. We need him back, and I'd wager to say that he's going to be one of the most important pieces of our defense. The success of our pass defense basically hinges on his return.


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          The season is still more than 5 months away.
          Take your time...miss a few mini Trophies are given out at the
          end of April.

          Of course , if he's just dinkin around and sluffing would make DE in round 1 almost a lock in my eyes.


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            Im starting to think we should draft Woodley. We need a pass rush and given we will be running the same defensive style as Indy, undersized DE's have excelled there. I really dont like any of the first round DE's, everyone will be a bust because this draft has so much talent at other positions and I really see us blowing it again.

            Props to BK on the sig!


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              WOW... i didn't know we signed Fahu Tahi!! He played at BYU, this dude is a beast... runs with a lot of emotion, the definition of a "Down Hill Runner" He's a half back in a full backs body. Think Jerome Bettis!

              It's also nice to see EJ named the MLB. If Greenway can step up we should have prettty solid LB crew. As long as the Williams boyz are in the middle we dont really need any studs at LB, just good smart football players. Now the only thing that worries me is our secondary. We got Winfield and 2nd year player Griffin. Out side of that our CB depth is pretty shallow. Our safeties are "OK" Sharper is getting old, and Dwight Smith was a pleasent suprise but not the answer... our SS are ok, with Tank and Blue.

              This draft is going to be HUGE for us... and we cannot afford to blow this one.



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