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    Does anyone else look at next year and think, man we are set for one long year. I'm one sad panda for our uber lack of signing anyone. Expecially going after a free agent WR. Unless we do somthing major in the Draft or in post june free agents, i'm really not looking forward to next year as a vikings fan.

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    Count me in.

    I see our lack of firepower on offense and our Defense going through it's 3rd different coordiantor in what 4 years and shake my head.


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      Im with ya.


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        Well.... we signed a bunch of iffy WR and right now it looks like our 1st rd pick is going to a RB which is possibly our strongest position on offense so, yeah. It's gonna be a top 10 pick again next year.
        Why can't Chris Doleman be immortal? That's all I want.


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          i'm telling you, if we're fortunate enough to get ad, he'll do wonders for our offense. the run game would take pressure off tj, and make our receivers look half decent. look at what the 3 headed monster did for the eagles few years back. pinkston, thrash and company ain't look half bad with the run game being so sick. i'm going say ad is the biggest playmaker in the draft including cj, yeah that's right, including the 6'5 239 4.35 running monster.


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            i think you vastly overestimate what AP's impact would be for us next year... in the long run he would work wonders for us but i dont see him doing thattttt much for us next year...

            as for the topic of this thread, im not sure what to think for next year i dont think we are necesarilly doomed but i think severe brings up a good point how long is our defense going to remain good going through these coordinators if lesie frazier can sustain or run defense and improve pass rush/pass defense i think there is no reason for us to do any worse than we did this year. Now if by some miracle Williamson has a breakout year with T-Jack plays solid we can be a playoff team


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              After looking at our position in the draft and studing most the canidates my conclussion is we really are in a good position toimprove this team. All though I still am scratching my head with all the Qb's that were on the market how we are still left with the three less then stellar qb's we have. I dont dislike T-Jack but i dont see how we can go into next season with Brook and drew as our only other qb's. But if we are creative I think we could come out of this draft with the mostversitile player in the draft a yound stud defensive player, and the gem of the draft on day one alone

              1. Okoye
              2. Brian leonard
              3. Michael Bush

              on the second day I think we take one of the two under rated qb prospects in troy smith or Zabransky both would do well in a westcoast offense
              A wide out like Johnny lee Higgins a solid offensive line prospect like one of the two guys from Iowa

              And still might be able to slip in another defensive player like Crowder or Gaddis from clemson.


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                Leonard Bush higgins are all naturals for the west coast offense
                Zabransky or Troy smith give us a proven winner which either one is worlds better then drew henson and maybe even bollinger,

                Smith 26-3 at Ohio State Face it he faced better defenses in practise then some pro teams have. Dont buy into all that at the next level he cant proform what ever I guarentee some of those 26 wins came against players who are playing on sunday.

                Zabransky this guy reminds me alot of a Farve he doesnt have great arm strength but show me another qb in college football who could take boise state and beat Oklahoma. I guarentee I can name atleast two who couldnt J russell and Brady Quinn.

                Leonard is the most versitile player in the draft he can fill in at fb hb te think rathman Alstott Moose this is what your going to get w ith this guy a solid proformer who will pay huge dividends

                Michael bush is the perfect west coast back he catches well he runs well with or without a full back and hes bound to slip to a point we should be able to get him and still address a couple needs. We can trade him and taylor off and maybe cut down on Taylors fumbles in the 4th quarter

                Johnny Lee Higgins this dude catches everything and has Little chris written all over him. He reminds me so much of a young Chris Carter with out the attitude problem.

                Yanda is listed as a tackle he probably will slide because of it he is more of a guard tackle center and one thing Ferintz does is mass produce offensive linemen and him or Mike jones fit the bill.

                Okoye is 19 graduated from college and a huge young stud who will give us not only depth but a burst inside Imagine Kevin williams fresh every game Pat williams fresh rotating in and out then in run situation you pull out james let him rest and put the big three in there with Uduze and let them stuff em in pass you pair a fresh james with a fresh edwards Okoye and williams and that will fix the pass rush instantly
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                  Wow, you named off 4 of the guys I absolutely don't want to see on the Vikings. Leonard, J.L. Higgins , Zebransky, and Troy Smith.

                  If all 4 of these guys end up in purple , I quit...I'd burn all my Viking memerobilia and swear off football.

                  Higgins is a 1 trick pony whose hands aren't nearly as reliable as Troy Williamsons...and in fact is a Williamson clone. Worst option for us at WR in the entire draft. (Next would be Yamon Figures)...let's spread the wealth of track stars who can't catch with the rest of the league okay ?

                  Zabransky, great an under sized immobile turd who can barely throw the ball 58 yards...with ZERO velocity. It was the scheme and coaching that
                  took Boise State to the #5 ranking. not to mention luck and Oklahoma giving up in that bowl game. He'll be lucky to get a gig in the Arena league.

                  Troy Smith....ummm Tarvaris Jackson part 2. We don't need any more
                  6'1 QB's who have trouble adjusting to blitz packages and can barely see over the line to begin with. Smith could be very long as we
                  get every tOSU prospect from this year , last year and next year to come
                  with him. 4 words. "pee ewww , hell no".

                  Brian Leonard. Scouts really aren't sure if this guys a HB or a FB in the making he's got guts, good hands is smart and blocks well...but doesn't
                  have elusive speed and isn't an elusive kind of guy. He might excel in a
                  WCO with a little TALENT but he'd likely cost us a day 1 pick and for me
                  I'm not willing to throw a way a day 1 pick this year for another project.

                  If we draft even 2 of these guys I'm going to be tempted to stab my eyes and eardrums so I don't have to know the rest of the draft.

                  Okoye I really like, just don't want to take him at 7. I think he goes top 15 for sure but think we can trade down a bit , pick up a 3rd , or high picks next year,
                  and still get him .
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                    I dont see how anyone can look at our roster and not be worried. In fact, the more I look at it, the worse the feeling I get.

                    Go through it positionally...

                    QB - Pathetic. We have a career backup in Bollinger and a guy who at best is a decent starter by seasons end, assuming the doesnt get broken by some left end.
                    RB - Solid. Thats Chester Taylor. Alright depth also. But we lack a playmaker, given the rest of the guys on offense, that makes this hurt even more. Richardson returning to health could make our run game very good if we can get a game breaker behind him.
                    WR - UGLY. Just UGLY. I mean even if Williamson suddenly gets it we still suck. He could become Steve Smith next year and we still wouldnt have a passing game.
                    TE - Shiancoe sounds solid. Again, we dont have a playmaker anywhere else, so solid really doesnt cut it.
                    LT - Very Good. As much as I hate on him, McKinnie can play, would help if Childress could make up his mind how he wants him to block.
                    LG - Easily our strongest position. 'Nuff said.
                    C - Out second best offensive position and 3rd overall.
                    RG - WR bad.
                    RT - Fighting RG and WR for worst position overall.

                    Thats our offense. We have a couple of very good lineman and a solid RB. Thats it. Our offense is actually worse than the horrific raiders based on talent, at least they have a couple of guys who can turn nothing into something.

                    Defensively we are better, but still weak.

                    DE - We need to get a rush. Udeze did that as a rookie, he was actually solid last year but needs to get to the QB. Runwise he was great. Erasmus must get healthy. Like our backups. Could do with a pure rusher, but not at first round cost.
                    DT - The only position that rivals LG on our roster. Could do with a depth guy though just in case and certainly need to get Fat Pat's replacement in the next couple of drafts.
                    LB - This is the position that the more I look, the more uncomfortable I get. Im a Nap homer so I overrate him, but he was rock solid. I dont rate Leber, he should be a backup. EJ switches inside again. Not sure about this, he looked completely lost there and did alright last year. Greenway is an unknown. If he comes back at 100% or near that, he will be a very good player. We have a bit of depth, but I wouldnt want any of it to play.
                    S - Another bad position. Sharper is old and looked lost in the Cover 2, "I skipped traning camp and havent looked at a playbook" lost. Our other guys are all good situational guys, none of them I want starting full time though.
                    CB - Winfield is a stud, one of the most underrated players in the league. Griffin can be very good. Edwards is solid. Wouldnt mind spending a 3rd or 4th on help here, but is far from our biggest concern.

                    I just dont see a reason for optimism. None of our LBs can cover well, none of our safeties can cover. Our LB's also cant get to the QB on blitzes and our Ends didnt last year. So basically teams are just going to spread us and pick the open man. Offensively I dont see us moving the ball. Teams will just stack the box, may as well do it with 11 given we have an inaccurate QB and WR's that cant catch. I just dont see how we move the ball consistently or keep what is actually a fairly average defense off the field.

                    On a positive... Next years draft is loaded baby. Loaded! Oh and a horrible season might get rid of that stupid guy thats calling the plays...

                    Props to BK on the sig!


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                      Do you think if we do as bad as i think were going to do, that Childress will be gone?


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                        For me, it all depends on what we do in the draft.



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                          Originally posted by bonzi View Post
                          Does anyone else look at next year and think, man we are set for one long year. I'm one sad panda for our uber lack of signing anyone. Expecially going after a free agent WR. Unless we do somthing major in the Draft or in post june free agents, i'm really not looking forward to next year as a vikings fan.
                          We had a lot of optimism going into last year with all of our signings, and unfortunately it didn't pan out because Brad had such a terrible year. (Not to mention our line underachieving.)

                          Maybe this year with the bar set lower, we'll actually do better than we expect. But at worst, we suffer through one bad year, and then reap the rewards with cap space, another high draft pick, and a brand new coach!

                          Honestly though, we have a pretty damn good defense by our recent standards.. and as bad as the O was last year, we still won 6 games before tanking the season. I wouldn't be shocked if they scraped out 9 wins.


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                            Originally posted by bonzi View Post
                            Do you think if we do as bad as i think were going to do, that Childress will be gone?
                            God I hope so.

                            The only thing that will save him from my armchair wrath will be if Calvin Johnson is somehow still on the board at #3, Cleveland really wants Adrian Peterson, and we manage to somewhat cheaply (2nd round pick and change?) move up to the 3 hole and get him.

                            Wow would that change my opinion about this group in the front office.

                            I've pretty much given up hope that he'll even made it past the two spot, let alone that they have the foresight to take a franchise changer. Even with the Moss example staring them in the face. Spielman was quick to point out that the Vikings didn't have to trade anything to get Moss, but would that 2nd and 5th rounder have mattered? When's the last time the Vikings took a player in the 2nd-3rd rounds that couldn't easily be replaced.


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                              Heres the way i see it. Whomever the browns draft, whether it be Brady Quinn or Adrian Peterson. I think we will have a very good chance at taking the other. Personally i'd be happy with either, depending on who we take will greatly affect the rest of our off season.

                              IF WE SELECT BRADY QUINN:

                              TJack takes a back seat, but battles for the starting job. But Brady beats him out and has a decent season. 2200 yds 15tds 14ints

                              Chester Taylor gets ran into the ground after another 350+ carry season.

                              Our WR's all actually have a decent season with Brady in the pocket.

                              Defense will struggle in pass coverage, but will remain solid in rush defense.

                              IF WE SELECT ADRIAN PETERSON:

                              TJack goes into the season as the starter, full of confidence. Struggles, but has a solid run game that takes a lot of the weight off of his back (just like Kyle Orton in 05).

                              Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson both have great seasons. Taylors runs for 1200 yds and 9 tds, and AD runs for 1100 yds and 11tds and is runner up for ROY behind Calvin Johnson.

                              WR's struggle in our run oriented offense.

                              Defense is similar



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