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      not surprised by that at all. it actually seems like we're focusing on him, will quietly work with smith and boss, and it seems we're going to let cofield go. which would be a damn shame
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      BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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        I'm not too worried about Coffield. Think about it guys, he was glaringly mediocre his whole time here, then all of a sudden in his contract year he's a beast? Doesn't that scare any of you?

        And doesn't it scare anybody that the team knew full well prior to this year that they had no intention of resigning him and even tried trading him during the draft?

        I love his durability and I love how reliable he was, but I worry that his sudden emergence during a contract year is a dangerous sign. I'd resign him, but only for the right price.

        Of course, if there's no salary cap, then I could care less about how much we pay him. Break the bank for all I care, it's not my money. I'd want him back with no salary cap.

        But with a cap, he's not worth the money he'll command. Remember, he's askign for a lot of money. The only reason why he didn't get traded for NO's 2nd last year (dammit!) was bc they couldn't agree on a contract. He wanted a lot more than they were willing to give him.

        So make no mistake, Coffield wants to get paid. The only way I see us agreeing to that is if there's no cap. With a cap, he's just not worth the money he'll command.
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          I'm actually fine with letting Cofield walk as long as we replace him with a DT in the first 3 rounds of this draft. The talent would be comparbale and it would be much more cost effective if there is a return to the cap.

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            Originally posted by Giantsfan1080 View Post
            I'm actually fine with letting Cofield walk as long as we replace him with a DT in the first 3 rounds of this draft. The talent would be comparbale and it would be much more cost effective if there is a return to the cap.
            Ageed, Joseph should be in line for a bigger role as well.


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              I agree, Cofield is an above average 4-3 DT and hustles; however, he's not a game changing DT. I appreciate his contribution to our Defense, but its time to move on. I believe sometimes we get enamored with players and are blinded by our loyalty, it took me some time for me to understand this, we need to reload and move on. Man if we would of pulled that trade with the saints I would been ecstatic! Just cause Joseph didn't see the field last yr doesn't make him chop liver, we talking about 6-4 320-325lbs with long arms, as long as he plays with leverage and with low pad level he's going to do some damage. Damn would of loved Jim Washburn to tutor Joseph!
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                I was fortunate enough to get to see the Giants preseason games again. My cousin DVR'd all the games and burned it on a DVD for me.

                So I went back and watched them again, bc it's really the only time you get to see our rookies play. And maaan, I tell you what, I know I've said this before, but I didn't really realize how good I think Mich Petrus is going to be until I saw him again in more detail.

                He's going to be very good. Koets looked great too. Of course, we won't know what Koets looks like bc of the ACL this year, but I think Petrus and Koets (if healthy) are 2 young building blocks along the oline that we can really hang our hat on.

                I'm not sure how the front office feels about them, but I would be very comfortable with those 2 at LG and C moving forward if Koets can recover from his ACL.

                Beatty looked terrible. I think we all saw that. But this makes me wonder, with Petrus looking so good and Koets having promise, do the Giants feel we need to overhaul the oline the same way us fans do?

                What if the front office feels Beatty will make the jump next year? And what if they believe in Mich and Koets?

                We could see a line like this:

                LT Beatty
                LG Petrus
                C Koets
                RG Snee
                RT Diehl

                While that might not look like a sexy oline, our oline was never a sexy group with big names.

                Maybe they feel comfortable with this group. I don't know. Something to think about.


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                  I share in your Petrus love, however I am not sold on Koets and after the ACL even less so. I think Koets is a decent back-up option, nothing more nothing less.

                  I do not know what to make of Beatty, but regardless of whether or not he is our future LT, I still want a first round Tackle, someone who can play both LT and RT so if Beatty does pan out we have our RT if he doesn't we have our LT. Thats why I'd love Carimi because even if he doesn't pan out at LT he has the makings of a very good RT, and he fits the Giants lunch pail linemen.

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                    Yeah I'm cautious about Koets. I didn't like him at all coming into the season, in fact I thought we should cut him, but then he surprised me during the season.

                    Koets is never going to be a great Center. But can he be a Shaun O'Hara? Is that good enough or do we go after a real Center?

                    I just don't know how the front office views it. Me personally, I want us to focus on linebackers in the draft and if we can grab a Carimi in the 1st I'd be ok with that too.

                    I want a Center too, but with our holes at linebacker, maybe we should roll the dice for another year. I don't know.


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                      Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
                      I want a Center too, but with our holes at linebacker, maybe we should roll the dice for another year. I don't know.
                      This kind of brings up our drafts of the last few years.

                      Our overall team talent is very high with capable players in every position.

                      The problem with that, is the only way to upgrade these players is with elite talent. IMO if we can't get a first or second rounder at LB or C, we are not expecting them to be a starter down the line because there just isn't enough PT available to let them develop.


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                        I'd love a first round linebacker but I don't value any LB highly enough for the #19 pick, other than Von Miller of course but that ain't happening. Mason Foster is the closest after that but I still wouldn't spend a 1st on him. This team really does need an impact backer, and thankfully those can be had in the 2nd round (David Harris, Curtis Lofton, Jon Beason, and so many more) I think we have a myriad of options at the 19 spot in the 2nd round with Martez Wilson, Bruce Carter, Quan Sturvidant, Nate Irving and Kelvin Sheppard.

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                          Here's our dilemma with linebackers. There is no one worth spending the 19th pick on, but at the same time, there are impact players we can draft, they just happen to have early/mid 2nd round grades on em.

                          The problem is, if we pass on LB in the 1st, the 2 guys I feel are impact players that can deliver for us at LB (Foster and Irving) probably won't be around when we're up at bat in the 2nd.

                          So what do we do? A move back sounds most logical, but it's not Reese's MO.

                          Center is another position that doesn't add up value wise at 19. So again, a move back sounds logical.

                          The only position of need that is worth a top 19 pick at this point is OT. Even DT yields better value later on.

                          I'm willing to reach for a LB if push comes to shove. I just want a LB bad.


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                            In an unrelated note, does anyone else think Kiwi's career is over?

                            I hope not, bc he's a great guy and he was finally turning the corner. He was gonna be a monster this year. But if I had to guess, I think his career is over.

                            Neck injuries are tough to come back from, and even after the season was over it was reported that he still wasn't recovered from that neck.

                            It's a shame, I really liked the guy. He was everything you wanted in a player. Great character, worked hard, team player, never complained, smart, productive, versatile, and early on this year he was becoming a more vocal leader.

                            Unfortunately for us, I don't see him being in our long term plans, whether he's healed up or not.


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                              Well Reese is going to give him that one year deal to prove himself, and honestly that may be his best option coming back from that injury. I always liked him, and he was a solid player, I hope he can pull through and continue on as a rotational DE for us. Moreover, if Kiwi is there maybe it lets fewell get more creative and allow Tuck to line-up at DT sometimes for that awesome interior pass rush that has been under-utilized by Fewell.

                              I remember people bashing me for trading a 2nd for him when I was the Jets in the forum mock last year, I just knew that this year he was going to break out and he could be great as a 3-4 OLB. It is really unfortunate this happened to him.

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