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Revis close to signing

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  • Revis close to signing

    good news
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    hopefully by friday.


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      I had been out of the sports world for roughly 12 hours due to my phone being dead and me driving home from boston to ny after my anatomy final to see the dave concert, which was unreal by the way; a little side note for all those dave or phish fans, trey anastasio as you may or may not known is secluded to living in the fine state of new york for, making a long story short, drug related issues and is apparantly living in saratoga; he came on to play lie in our graves which was unreal.. Anyways when i was driving back to boston around 1:30 am and finally got my phone plugged into my charger, i decided to check my phone for the scores of the yankees game, which by the way i am very displeased about, but the mariners lost too so im not too pissed off, regardless i saw in the headlines that revis was very close to being signed; well jesus this couldnt have made me any happier, i threw on my apetite for distruction cd (honoring the 20 year anniversary of what i think is the greatest rock n roll debut album ever, arguably only behind are you experienced and of course led zeppelin) and rocked my way back to northeastern where i hopped on nfldc to see that everyone else in the jets world was aware and excited of this too. Hopefully by the time i wake up for class he will be signed and then i can go pick up madden and actually play with him, cause if not he will be benched until he is signed.

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        The Jets have signed their first-round draft pick, former Pitt CB Darrelle Revis, who missed the first 19 days of training camp in a contract dispute. The club is arranging a news conference at its Hofstra headquarters. Still no word on the contract details, but we'll keep you posted.
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          yayyyy, good luck revis. you have alot of catching up to do.



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