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    Any one else think this isnt the worst move we could make. Marshawn wont be there at our pick and giving up alot for Turner wouldnt make the most sense. He could compliment Leon real well. Keeping a 2 RB strategy could make sense, since LEon was looking good late in the season

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    I LOVE IT, but i worry he could be this year's Barlow and really struggle. I'm for the risk though.

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      Originally posted by throwback54milkman View Post
      I LOVE IT, but i worry he could be this year's Barlow and really struggle. I'm for the risk though.
      He wont be like Barlow. I think this could be a very good move, power back until we find a feature back.


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        please sign him, it was only 4 seasons ago that he rushed for 2066 yards and probably wouldve broken the record had the ravens gave him the ball more in the last game of the season and also had 14 tds....the guys 27, played in 6 seasons with only missing 4 games (which is all discluding 2001 where he was out for the season, i dont remember why), and has rushed for over 1000 yards in 5/6 with 3/6 over 1300 and that one amazing year....last year he had 1123 yards and 9 tds....his only problem has been fumbling which has greatly improved for the last 3 years....him and leon would form a GREAT tandem, giving the majority of the carries to jamal, and would be the actual thunder and lightning, plus we would still have cedric houston as a situational runner.....i say we sign him, but for like 2 or 3 years, and if he performs well next year then extend him


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          i love the idea...and so does the jets brass considering they were trying to sign him last offseason...i understand the idea that he uses his body as a weapon and thus easier to get injured, however at 27 years old hes only played 6 seasons and only once significantly carried the ball over 300 times (he broke 2000 yards that year.) Watching him this year he seemed in great shape, however he didn't have that cutting and explosiveness that he showed in 2003, i beleive it was mostly do to weak ankles, if im right i beleive he had surgery for bone spurs on his ankle...but correct me if im wrong....i personally feel with the right coaches and a fire lit under his ass he could be quite the nice compliment to leon

          also Im pretty sure that little fumbling problem will be cleared right up everytime he has to run a lap for it in preseason
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            I doubt this will get done...
            we signed kimo because and company (chatham and kassell) bc theyre high character guys....
            not guys who go to jail for 6 months on coke trafficing charges...
            I like J Lew and I wouldn't mind signing him to complement leon but if they do its bc he can fit the system if not its bc of character and hes not as good as the other options we have ie turner, hunt, bush, wynn, this new rb from arizona chris henry 6-0 225 lbs who ran a 4.39 at the combine. A!
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              i doubt it will get done too but if it did that would be great
              also i think if jamal is looking to beocme a better guy the jets would be a great fit for him
              good point broadwayjoe about the lap thing for every fumble haja
              if we signed him that would be great, but i dont know if mangini will


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                i dont think he is the answer at hcbrad08 said, he has absolutely no character. that seems like a big thing with mangini...hey, like i said in a previous blog, lets wait until oak cuts lamont and scoop him right up, im sure he dying to prove himself to jets brass that they made a mistake by not signing him a few years back. what could it hurt, every fan loved the way he ran, and you know what you are getting with him..
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                  I would love to sign him. He knows his value is low now, and he knows he needs to perform well to get his stock back up. He also knows he would start if he came here. I see it being a win/win situation if we sign him to like a 1 or 2 year deal.


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                    Hey everyone not a Big JETS fan my cousin is.. but I saw the thread about Jamal... I am a Ravens fan... You can have him.. but I think he is going to end up resigning with us, unless you offer him a lot of money... yes he is 4 years removed from rushing for over 2k but when he is lining up for you next year.. remember this.. he runs like he is tip toeing through grandma's flower garden... Just remember that when he is getting 3 yds at a clip and is running for 1100 yds on 400 attempts and is so non vocal in the locker room that he puts people to sleep...Enjoy him but be forewarned...



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