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2009 Draft: Who/What Positions are we Drafting?

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  • 2009 Draft: Who/What Positions are we Drafting?

    I know, I know, just figured its not a bad topic to discuss (maybe discuss what we still lack)

    Some of the top pro prospects for the 2009 draft at each position
    BOLD=Jets should target.

    1. Tim Tebow, Florida (Jr.)
    2. Matthew Stafford, Georgia (Jr.)
    3. Nate Davis, Ball State (Jr.)
    4. Cullen Harper, Clemson
    5. Curtis Painter, Purdue

    Running Backs
    1. Beanie Wells, OSU (Jr.)
    2. C.J. Spiller, Clemson (Jr.)
    3. Marlon Lucky, Nebraska
    4. P.J. Hill, Wisconsin (Jr.)
    5. Arian Foster, Tennessee

    Wide Receivers
    1. D. Heyward-Bey, Mary. (Jr.)
    2. Percy Harvin, Florida (Jr.)
    3. Brandon Gibson, Wash. St.
    4. Brian Robiskie, OSU
    5. Greg Carr, Florida State

    Tight Ends
    1. Cornelius Ingram, Florida
    2. Travis Beckum, Wisconsin
    3. Brandon Pettigrew, Ok. St.
    4. Chase Coffman, Missouri
    5. Bear Pascoe, Fresno State

    Offensive Tackles
    1. Andre Smith, Bama (Jr.)
    2. Michael Oher, Ole Miss
    3. Ciron Black, LSU (Jr.)
    4. Alex Boone, Ohio State
    5. Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma

    Offensive Guards/Centers
    1. Duke Robinson, Oklahoma
    2. Herman Johnson, LSU
    3. Alex Mack, California
    4. Jeremy Perry, Oregon State
    5. Cedric Dockery, Texas

    Defensive Ends
    1. Tyson Jackson, LSU
    2. George Selvie, USF (Jr.)
    3. Greg Hardy, Ole Miss (Jr.)
    4. Greg Middleton, Indiana (Jr.)
    5. Michael Johnson, Ga Tech

    Defensive Tackles
    1. Fili Moala, USC
    2. Sen'Derrick Marks, Aub. (Jr.)
    3. Dorrell Scott, Clemson
    4. George Hypolite, Colorado
    5. Terrance Taylor, Michigan
    6. Demonte Bolden, Tenn.

    1. Rey Maualuga, USC
    2. James Laurinaitis, Ohio State

    3. Brian Cushing, USC
    4. Marcus Freeman, Ohio State
    5. Sean Lee, Penn State

    1. Taylor Mays, USC (Jr.)
    2. Myron Rolle, Fla. State (Jr.)
    3. Courtney Greene, Rutgers
    4. Michael Hamlin, Clemson
    5. Nic Harris, Oklahoma

    1. Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State
    2. Mike Mickens, Cincinnati
    3. Vontae Davis, Illinois (Jr.)
    4. Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest
    5. Jairus Byrd, Oregon (Jr.)

    What are your thoughts?
    Essentially what positions do you think we are going to have to bolster?

    QB, OG, OLB, WR, CB, MLB, RB, FS

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    To hard to say the players at this point, at least for me. Positions at this point, WR, Right OL, DL Depth, CB

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    Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
    You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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      I was actually just thinking about starting this thread. Obviously team needs are incredibly fluid right now, so I figure I'll just run through them all briefly:

      QB- I'd like to hope somebody (Clemens) steps up this year. If he doesn't, regardless of how much starting potential Ainge shows (unless he actually shows he can be the starter), this probably gets a look early in '09. If Clemens or Ainge proves they can be our starter, this could get a late round look for a third QB or we could be content with Smith as an emergency guy.

      RB- It seems 2009 may be the year to find our back to replace Jones and pair with Washington. That said, if Jones puts up the year he's expected to behind this line he doesn't have a ton of wear on his tires, so maybe we don't address it at all. Probably an early round pick or nothing at all, I'd guess nothing.

      FB- Depends a lot on what happens with Richardson and if Caulcrick develops. If all goes well Caulcrick will be our FB of the future and a great short yardage guy for us. That said, he may not be that guy and there could be a need to pick up a starting potential guy, we look at this old school and want guys that can block but versatility never hurts either. Maybe gets a look day 2, but probably not.

      WR- After not giving it a look this past draft I'm thinking this becomes a big need next draft. There should be some solid round 1 talent in 2009 and the class overall looks like it's shaping up to be better than this past year. Definitely a potential day 1 need.

      TE- Taking Keller kind of came out of nowhere this year. I think he develops into a very good player, but given our affinity for creating mismatches if the right guy comes along (and can block) I'm not shocked if we take him and try and pair him with Keller. Franks, Baker, and Keller have nice complimentary skill sets and if Baker isn't in the long term plans a good all around tight end could be something we try and find. Probably mid rounds if anything, but who knows. Personally I'd hope we're good for now, but I get the feeling we're not done with this position.

      LT- Hopefully Brick makes a big step forward this season. If not, a surprise need.

      RT- Definitely could be a need in the early/mid rounds depending on how the Woody experiment works out. If not, I'd guess rounds 2-4.

      G- A long term guy at guard could get a look mid rounds, but I think we pass this year or take a T/G guy with versatility to back up for now and potential to eventually become a starter inside.

      C- I almost didn't even remember to write this, barring a terrible Mangold injury we're set.

      DE- Definitely a position that could use some youth and depth, should get some early round looks next year especially after being ignored this past year.

      NT- Hopefully the Jenkins scheme switch works out, and I think it will, though if it doesn't we'll be scrambling to find one in this draft with a few potential NT's in it.

      OLB- This position had better be set.

      ILB- Harris is a fixture inside, but we could use somebody to pair with him down the road. Shocked we passed on Goff in the fifth, as much as we may have liked Ainge. This should be a priority come draft day.

      SS- Kerry Rhodes

      FS- Tons of question marks here, I could easily see this getting a look relatively early if Elam or Smith doesn't step up. Ideally someone with the ball skills and centerfield ability to let Rhodes roam, though I wonder if we want a hitter to add some physicality to our secondary.

      CB- A lot of bodies at this position, but big question marks as to who is going to start across from Revis. Unless someone steps up this year in a big way, could get an early round look.

      A couple of guys I like:

      Courtney Greene- Pretty versatile safety that can make plays and hit, would look pretty nice next to Rhodes and could fall a little in a potentially strong safety class.

      Michael Crabtree- Hopefully we're not in position to draft him, but a potential stud at wideout that would solve our #1 wideout of the future problems.

      Kenny Britt- Another potential wideout for the future, great size, physicality, hands, and good speed.

      Beanie Wells- Ideal back for us, perfect compliment to Leon. That said, hopefully Jones runs wild behind our line and it's not a need, also I'd hope we're not in position to draft him.

      Rey Malualuga- Not sure if he checks out character wise, but a potential beast next to Harris with speed and big time hitting ability.

      Jasper Brinkley- Ideal 3-4 inside linebacker, coming off an injury I believe so we'll see how that affects his play. Absolutely huge.

      Vontae Davis- Brother of Vernon I believe, and another physical freak. Big hitter with ball skills and reported 4.3 speed at corner.

      Tyson Jackson- If he can stop making stupid plays and shows a better motor, he could be an ideal 3-4 end for us. Great talent.

      If I could choose what positions we bolster, I say DE, ILB, WR, FS, CB are the ones I'd focus on big time early. Hopefully D-Rob plays at least 65% of his snaps and Vilma is a stud so we can add a second and a third to what we've got now and can address all of those day 1. If so, we're looking at a very good future for this football team, with the ability to focus on OL and RB in the 2010 draft, along with whatever doesn't pan out this year and in '09 (hopefully nothing).


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        I'm extremely excited about next years draft..already haha. I know we already have the guaranteed 4th from kendal and forgot exactly what the vilma deal turns out to be--is it a possible 2nd or 3rd?? and if we get that we give them our 4th?? And drob is a possible 2nd or nothing at all??

        Anyways, hopefully our QB situation pans out and our Oline plays well. If that happens i see us addressing a skill position whether it be WR (should be one of our major nees) or say a moreno or wells fall (which they probably won't). I also can see tyson jackson being an option in the first or if a loadholt or Duke Robinson have a fantastic year. I wouldn't mind drafting BJ Raji so he could learn under Jenkins for a couple years, because once jenkins is gone i don't see Pouha being a starter.

        Rey Maualuga is an absolute beast, but hopefully we aren't drafting high enough to get him. If jasper can come off his ACL surgery well, he could be a significant prospect in the 2nd or so. Although, i've heard rumors of pace playing a significant role as our ILB once gholston becomes and everydown OLB opposite thomas. We shall see with that.

        As for WR - Darius Heyward-bay is probably my favorite prospect, becuase he would fit our needs perfectly. Percy harvin of course is a beast as well as Michael Crabtree.

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          Kendall is definitely a 4th. Vilma I think is between second or third but we're giving up a fourth next year I believe to make up for this year's if we get the second or third. D-Rob is a third next year if he plays 65% of their snaps and I think it can get up to a second but I'm not sure how. Could be wrong but if I remember correctly that's what we're looking at next year. Wouldn't mind picking up a second or third for Pennington from some team that wants a starter during TC if Clemens/Ainge shows starting capabilities either, then we'd be in great shape going into next draft, ten picks including 6 in the first 3 rounds.


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            DE, CB, ILB, FS, and possibly RT (Woody can be moved inside) should be priorities, but if I RB like Beanie Wells or Spiller falls to us, I'd be all for picking him up.

            Unless some of the underclassmen declare, this QB class sucks... the idea of drafting a QB for the future doesn't sound bad but I don't want to see the FO settle for a so/so guy


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              I want Chase Daniels a Jet.


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                Im a big Moreno fan for RB I have to revise my sig bc I think RB is gonna be a big need next yr. QB Im not as worried, Ratliff although he may be a flash in the pan looks good enough to compete and there are alot of rumors saying Tannenbaum wants Favre for 2 yrs.

                Our needs i think are as follows
                DE, RB, ILB, FS, OT, OG
                I think this draft (as it plays out now in ratings sets up well for us)
                QB, OG, OLB, WR, CB, MLB, RB, FS

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                  Im going to respond to my own post...i know...I think I'd have to revise that statement by saying that we should draft DL heavy in the draft...The D has been transformed into something potentially special. My pet pieve however is when Kris Jenkins goes to the sideline, teams run right at Pouha...He's no longer a Rudy practice warrior who helps the DL...Anyway here is my projections on needs and potential picks. I keep our 2nd bc i figure the vilma and favre trades will offset second picks in 4 and 5 come from Kendall and Robertson respectively

                  1)Tyson Jackson: Prototypiccal 3-4 DE and would provide valuable versatility for the D coordinator with a plethora of DE's (Ellis and Coleman are older and Devito and Mosley will never start...this is a necessary for the future of the defense and to make the DLines and Ds success overall sustainable

                  2)B.J. Raji: This may seem odd considering Kris Jenkins has been such a success. However, when he leaves the game Pouha is exposed and having the heir apparent to Jenkins would provide us with the ability to sub in packages of 34 and 43...OLs would constantly be working and we would wear down Offenses and not be worn down ourselves.

                  3)Phil Loadholt: He is ranked much high than this pick merits, however he has had some concerns and hes considerd a RT I think its a good sub for Damien Woody who is in all reality just a stop gap...Loadholt had a DUI and if the Jets are lucky he will drop to them theyll do their research and realize he is their guy IN THE 3RD ROUND.

                  4a)Josh Mauga He has played ILB in the 3-4 and could be the best filler for Eric Barton who will be back next year but there is nothing behind him in terms of depth unless youre talking about the aging Bowens.

                  4b)Chip Vaugn He is a playmaker and can play the pass and the run. He's underrated because he plays at Wake but couldbe a steal and great well rounded compliment to Kerry Rhodes with depth provided by Smith and Elam

                  5a)Marlon LuckyHe played under Callahan at Nebraska. He'll know the blocking schemes. He has size and could be a great compliment to Leon in the Future, bring him in to run a 3 back system with 45% Jones, 45% Washington 10% Lucky and bring him along to be the big guy after Jones is gone.

                  5b)Cedric DockeryHe's a big Texas OG and could which seems to be the theme of this draft provide great depth and eventually succeed one of the two OG. He also has the size and athleticism to play multiple spots

                  6)Kevin Huber: Hes a punter I know but he played well in the bowl was named all big east and all academic...Big leg graham problems emphasis on ST all three phases they spend a late pick on the best punter in the draft. Lefty ALSO

                  7)Brandon Hughes He's a Oregon state corner...He projects as a number 2 at best but a better nickle which would help with Miller's injuries and questions about Poteat (Barrett most likely wont be brought back after renegotiating contract unless he takes a huge cut) Could be a sleeper

                  Some might say how about WR?
                  I think Coles will be in form next season, Cotchery is emerging as a good WR Stuckey has good chemistry with Favre, Brad Smith is being used in various ways, D clowney looked great and seemed to be the deep threat we could use (favre would like it and the other brett liked it) My point where would they play...we cut out WR pick this year...I just think we'll shy away from it.

                  I think we're set, with Favre the HOF, then a backup like Clemens who has had time to learn ratliff looks like he could be the future and ainge was kept for a reason
                  QB, OG, OLB, WR, CB, MLB, RB, FS

                  Exactly Why The Jets were the Coolest Team in the NFL under Rex, but Bowles is the man-see Arians speech:




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                    Originally posted by derza222 View Post
                    Courtney Greene- Pretty versatile safety that can make plays and hit, would look pretty nice next to Rhodes and could fall a little in a potentially strong safety class.
                    He sucks. Can't Cover anymore for some reason. I think it may be because he gained weight in preparation for the NFL. However, It could be because Ron Girault being so solid covered over his flaws in coverage. Unless he falls a lot I don't know if I want the Jets to get him. Ill probably change my mind closer to draft day because he is a Rutgers guy, but I've been so incredibly disappointed with him(along with everyone else) this year.


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                      I don't like Chris "Beanie" Wells... Cause of injury's and this years Penn State game. I'd rather have first round some1 like Tyson Jackson, or a secondary guy.
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                        I think we have the flexibility to go with any position. It would be nice to add an impact receiver, running back, or pass-rusher, but I'm all for the BAP for every pick in this upcoming draft, no matter the position.


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                          I don't so...Look at what happened to the Jets when they thought they had everything worked out going from 2006-2007. They returned 21 of 22 starters with the exception of a FB that shouldnt change a team...We need to take an EAGLES draft approach and draft specific positions that lack depth and require playmakers


                          WR: seems to be deep...LC, JC, Stuckey, Smith and remember we do have David Clowney I think drafting a WR would be at the bottom of the list above
                          QB, OG, OLB, WR, CB, MLB, RB, FS

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                            We have depth at WR but we don't have that #1 guy.

                            Cotchery is good but not great.

                            Coles is about done.

                            Stuckey and Smith are OK, but they aren't starters, and we don't really know what we have with Clowney yet.


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                              I know this is a big homer pick, but Kenny Britt may be a 2nd round pick, but he has the potential to be the number 1 receiver we are looking for. However, Britt could also wind up a 1st rounder after a beastly performance at the combine. He is a man and he isn't even 40.



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