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Team expected to cut S Huff

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  • Team expected to cut S Huff

    They are also expected to not re-sign Justin Miller.

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    They've got a lot more deserving players on that secondary anyways with Aso, Routt and Johnson needing a bit more spending money soon.

    Miller's just a ST player anyways.


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      Yay another wasted Oakland draft pick!
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        zomg, he looked up to Woodson bring him to GREEN BAY!!!! I know he hasn't lived up to what everyone thought he would but imo, he needs to be further developed and he wasn't in Oakland.

        We can give him an opportunity at CB and S since we will be running a zone scheme.
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          I really expected Huff to be a good player.


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            I thought by now Huff would have been one of the top 10 Safteys in the league. Thought he would have a Ed Reed effect for us. I hope we can find a decent FS that can cover decent and make a tackle every once in a while

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              The team has missed on the last two first round safeties they've drafted (Gibson, Huff). Eric Berry better not come here after next season or he's gonna bust! :)

              In all seriousness, this was probably the right move for both Huff and the Raiders and I'm sure he'll find better success elsewhere because it's been clear since he arrived here that he's not exactly the greatest fit for our defense, under Ryan at least.

              By now he's had his fair share of chances in a variety of different spots in the secondary. I still don't believe he has the hip fluidity to play corner, we'll have to see if his next team actually gives it a thought.


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                I always felt he did a solid job in coverage, he just never made any big plays. He also struggled with tackling, but then again our D was so bad that our DB's got put in way too many bad spots. He definitely has not lived up to his draft status at this point, but if we cut him I wish him the best of luck and hopefully he finds himself in a better situation.


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                  We suck at drafting DBs and Al keeps doing it.

                  2001, Round 1 - Derrick Gibson - BUST
                  2002, Round 1 - Phillip Buchanon - BUST
                  2003, Round 1 - Nnamdi Asomugha - ELITE
                  2004, Round 3 - Stuart Schweigert - BUST
                  2005, Round 1 - Fabian Washington - BUST
                  2005, Round 2 - Stanford Routt - Average
                  2006, Round 1 - Michael Huff - BUST

                  Wow, what a waste. 1 good player, 1.
                  Taking a Knapp.


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                    Wow, I really hadn't realized we took so many 1st round DB's.


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                      Huff deserves a shot at CB before he's labeled a bust. Aso looked like **** his first couple years as well, if we take the time to remember.

                      Some 'niks projected Huff to CB anyway, and he's definitely better suited outside than at safety from a build perspective.

                      Besides, Aso is only ours for one more season unless something dramatic happens. He wants out, and I very seriously doubt Al will be able to talk him out of that position.

                      Chris Johnson is a FA coming off an All pro caliber season. He may re-sign, but we're kidding ourselves if we think his phone isn't ringing off the hook. He'll have much better options than staying here, and he may well entertain those options.

                      Stanford Routt, as a starter, scares me.

                      Bowie? Kill me now.

                      With our CB depth chart standing with one foot out the door, cutting Huff now would be incredibly stupid. But, then again, stupid is what we do best.
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                      No offense, but your Raiders draft sucks.


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                        Huff didnt have the toughness to play pro football ......he had the intangibles to be a good safety but he lacked the toughness which made a really big different ......a safety that is afraid to hit isnt going to do much in pro football



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