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  • Why isnt everyone putting...

    Taylor Mays to the Raiders. His numbers are off the charts and he played in California. With the stupidity Al Davis has showed in the past I can't see him passing on him.

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    Well Justin they drafted one in the 2nd round last year on top of the two good ones they already have.


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      Originally posted by fenikz
      His soft D really turns me off
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        Taylor Mays will suprise people with his play in the NFL. Good or bad? That is the question!
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        Originally posted by Hermstheman83
        What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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          This doesnt belong in the oakland raiders team thread. It was posted in the mock draft thread for a reason, it was meant to pose the idea of Mays going to the raiders in some mocks.

          The description of the mock thread is "a place to post and discuss mock drafts"

          They drafted on in the 2nd round last year yes, but he should have went in the 5th-6th round. They reached on their first round picks all the way back to Janakowski.


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            We just drafted a poor mans taylor Mays in the 2nd last year. FS/SS is not a need for us. Give me a olinemen or dlinemen and I will be happy

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              i find humor in how worked up people get over message boards at times. it just a website page with characters written all over it. but anyway, mays to the raiders at 8? no way. but al davis is dumb enough to do it.

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                Easy there, with the new guy. The guy only has two post and is already being crucified. Welcome to the boards Justin, i'll get you started on some rep and get you on the +rep.

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                  Oakland Safeties

                  Oakland already has a logjam at safety with Hiram Eugene, Mike Huff, Tyvon Branch and Mike Mitchell. This is not an area of concern with glaring needs along both lines, LB and CB.

                  However Al is crazy and all logic generally goes out the window come draft day.

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                  Originally posted by Scott Wright
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                    Originally posted by vidae View Post
                    I don't know what Jamarcus Russel has to do with why the Raiders won't take Taylor Mays.


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                      Honestly, I wouldn't mind me some Taylor Mays. I think he could be a great NFL player. But I don't think it's likely. Al went on a pretty big limb taking Mike Mitchell last year and won't scrap that after one year. Add in the fact that no one in the coaching staff or front office had anything but nice things to say about the play of the safeties last year, even the tandem of Huff and Eugene at FS.

                      Not saying Mays couldn't be an upgrade, but he'd definitely be a luxury.



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