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Good story on Russell & Sippin' Syrup

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  • Good story on Russell & Sippin' Syrup

    The San Jose Merky News sports desk sent columnist Mark Purdy to my hometown, Mobile, Ala., Jamarcus Russell's too, to write on the origins of the sippin' syrup bust & his decline & fall.

    Purdy got the local vibe correct, Mobile has the topography of west Florida with pines coming down to sandy white beaches (some covered with oil now, uggghhh!), & the culture of Louisiana instead of the rest of Alabama. Mobile btw was founded 4 yrs. ahead of Big Sister City New Orleans by the same French, & was BTW celebrating Mardi Gras before there even was a NOLA -- we love to rub NOLA's nose in that from time to time.

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    Really who cares season is about to start

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