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Ford vs. Higgins

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  • Ford vs. Higgins

    Any question? Ford is everything we expected in Higgins, a real fast "fast guy" who isn't afraid of NFL level contact and doesn't curl up into fetal position when the ball is in the air. What a pick.

    I know I am projecting, but when I see guys like Desean Jackson and Mike Wallace have success as starters in the NFL, I have to think that Ford is capable of the same as an outside receiver.
    Kaepernick is this years pat white. Thin, gimmick offense and doesn't possess an nfl arm. The ncaa constantly regurgitates clones of past players and amazingly enough, tricks some people into thinking they're better than their cloned half. Kaepernick was a complete waste of a senior bowl qb spot. A better qb will come from the east/west shrine or whatever they're calling it now...count on it

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    Absolutely better than Higgins. Keep Higgins on ST where he belongs. I'd rather Nick Miller get playing time at receiver than Johnnie.
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      Higgins should be cut after the season. Ford is playing great for a 4th round WR who is suppose to mainly be a returner. If he can be a solid returner and get a few big plays for us... it would really help the offence

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        Higgins is gone. He's never regained his skills as a punt returner and he's always been useless as a receiver.



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