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  • Culpepper

    The Raiders were intrigued with Daunte Culpepper last offseason before he was dealt to Miami. Now there is a chance they might be able to land him without any compensation. He could be the perfect bridge, the quarterback to play until the Raiders deem potential No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell ready to take the field. And just imagine this unlikely possibility: Oakland decides not to trade disgruntled wide receiver Randy Moss. And the Raiders do land Culpepper. It would be, once again, Culpepper to Moss.
    idk if theyd ask to much. if we get him he has to reconstructure his contract.

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    Culpepper could work, but he'd have to completely turn himself around, and I'm not sure that Oakland is the best fit for him . . . especially if he has a #1 overall draft pick sitting behind him. He'd be a better fit than Carr, but I don't think he's the type of QB that would allow you to pass on JR at this point.

    That said, I'm a big JR guy.
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      I'm not to high on him, he could be a good teacher. I wouldn'y give to much up for him. I'd rather have him over Carr, but I also wouldn't want him to start a full 16 game season either.

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        Just say no to Culpepper...altho he might still be better in Carr if he can get back in shape...

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          IMO Culpepper would be a big mistake. He would probably require a larger deal than Carr and probaby wouldn't be much better than when he was in Miami. He only thrived in Minnesota when they had a great offense with good pass protecion that gave him time to heave it deep to Moss. That will not be the situation in Oakland, a 7 step drop spells sack around here.



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