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Raiders need stability, patience from Al Davis

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  • Raiders need stability, patience from Al Davis

    I want to make a point here;

    With the great draft that we just had, the young coaching staff and the rebuilding of the front office, result may not come from day 1 or season 1. This will depend on a multitude of factors, Jamarcus Russell's progression being the one of them, but also the learning of the new system, the progression of the offensive line under Tom Cable and the general progression of all our young players. What to say about a guy like Robert Gallery how's progression has been shaked by so much instability?

    Now I think that we have here the foundation of a team that will be very good for a while and might become a serious contender in near future. But if we talk about now, nobody can say to wath kind of record we are heading. Certainly better than 2-14, but probably under .500. I would be very happy if we can just stop having double digits losts, just like the 49ers did.

    We need Al Davis to be patient with Lane Kiffin. First he's got a lot of talent to mold and groom properly. Building a team around a franchise QB takes more than a year or two. Also keep in mind that Kif and his young coaches will be learning on the job just like their younger players. I am not saying that Art Shell should still be there, hell no, but now that we have some young talent lets give them a real shot.

    It would be catastrophic if Al Davis was to bee impatient again. I know that he doesnt have to much time left, but restarting over and over just wont work!

    So what do you guys think?

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    I don't think Al Davis have much time left, I know he really want to win the another SB before he pass away.


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      If Al Davis keep not giving coaches more than a year or two to succeed, I guarantee no coach ever will. Hopefully Kiffin is the guy who'll stick.


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        we need to stick with kiffin for atleast 3 years. by that time russell should start going and the defence will still be young

        "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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          If Russell becomes the QB many believe he can Lane Kiffin will be around for a long while.
          Taking a Knapp.



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