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    can you tell me about this guy, it looks like he will be the Ravens HC and I will love as much info as possible.

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    I think he is a special teams coordinator, I don't remember the team now.

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      He was the Eagles ST coordinator for quite a few years. When he was in charge, the units ranked in the top 10 pretty much every year. Excellent motivator and works well with others. Has been in the league for quite a while and probably has enough cache to build a nice staff. He seemed content to be ST coordinator for a while, but last year, he asked for, and was granted, the DB coach position because he wanted to be a HC in the NCAA or the NFL. He is highly regarded by his players. He seems to be up on technique and working with a team. Learned a lot from Andy Reid in terms of running a team. Could poach some coaches from the Eagles when he comes over.

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