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    On December 23, 2007 Bradley had his first sack, and first interception in an Eagles win over the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. Bradley finished with 6 tackles, 1 sack and 1 interception. During the game, he also essentially single handedly stopped the Saints from scoring from inside the 5 yard line 4 plays in a row.

    I was looking up one my my favorite prospects last year, Stewart Bradley OLB from Nebraska. I knew kid was a gem, rugby expirience translates well in to the NFL. Didnt realize he had this kind of potential.

    I would love to see him as the MIKE.
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    Right now it looks like he has a great shot to, if not start, get a lot of playing time. I believe last year the LB core as a whole had 2 sacks and 2 ints and Stewart Bradley like you mentioned got 1 of each in the 1 game where he started. Even though Omar Gaither led the team in tackles I'm not sure that he has star potential but I believe Bradley does.


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      Yeah, Bradley should have a significant role in the defense next year. We never play rookies, so the fact that he didn't start doesn't mean anything against him. Spikes is obviously getting older, Gaither is solid but the jury is still out on him, and the same can be said about Gocong, who if you asked me right now doesn't really look like a long-term answer, so Bradley should see the field a lot next season.
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        I think Bradley would be great as our MIKE LB and we should put Gaither back at WILL sometime down the road. Gaither was a good starter for the Eagles the past two years and will be able to start for the Eagles in the future. He doesn't have star potential like Bradley, but he is a solid starter in the NFL. Gocong is in the same situation. He played well his first year, not spectacular. I will say that a Gaither, Bradley, Gocong LB corp would be more than acceptable in the future.
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          Bradley bcould play either MIKE or SAM, and maybe even WILL, I just want to see more of him for the Eagles.
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