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    Glad to be back guys, i'll throw my new mock out for yall. I hope you like. I wont do explinations for my picks (most of them are self explanitary)...but i'll throw in a little bit of a scouting report for the UDFA's. This mock is also taking into account that we resign Max Starks (Marvel Smith has undergone spinal surjery) and Willie Colon is moved to guard. Here it goes...

    Round 1: Jeff Otah - OT - Pitt - 6'6" - 340 - 5.24

    Round 2: Roy Schuening - OG - Oregon State - 6'4" - 318 - 5.19

    Round 3: Charles Godfrey - CB - Iowa - 6'00" - 210 - 4.35

    Roud 4: Cliff Avril - OLB - Purdue - 6'3" - 250 - 4.72

    Round 5: Maurice Murray - SDE - 6'4" - 315 - 4.95

    Round 6: Jason Rivers - WR - Hawaii - 6'2" - 195 - 4.47


    -Jeremy Zuttah - OT/OG/C - Rutgers - 6'3" - 300 - 5.26

    (A quick and nimble tackle with a good change of direction and can mirrior defensive ends in pass protection. Very effective on the move, can pull and demolish defenders at the second level. Doesnt project as a great OT in the NFL, but his quick feet and body controll are hard to ignore. Coud find his niche at OG, at the very least he could be a versitile backup at all of the o-line possitions.)

    -Doug Legurskey - C - Marshall - 6'3" - 312 - 5.22

    (A thick instinctive centre who understands angles and has the body control to get in position and smash interior rushers. Has the feet to slide well in pass protection and can adjust and reset quickly against blitzing linebackers. His instincts and awareness really stick out on tape, and his body controll and raw power give him a chance to be a starter on sundays.)

    -Bryan Mattison - WDE - Iowa - 6'3" - 280 - 4.90

    (A blue collar, weak defensive end that uses his hands well to disingage from would be blockers and has a motor that never stops. Very technically sound, plays with a low base and is stout at the point of attack. Has an array of passrush moves, and is solid against the run. A hard working guy, who is hard to bet against, will find his way onto the NFL field.

    -Nelson Coleman - ILB - Tulsa - 6'2" - 240 - 4.76

    (A plugger inside, shows good instincts and as the abillity to read and react quickly. rarely takes a false step and is always plowing towards the ball. Has a strong stout frame and has the abillity to shed blocks with ease. Should become a 2 down thumper in the NFL, and a special teams beaster!)

    -Matthew Harper - S - Oregon - 6'00" - 190 - 4.50

    (Fearless safety who has good instincts and and takes good angles toward the ball. A sound tackler who is constantly pounding the reciever over the middle. Has good confidence when the ball is in the air, and has the concentration and coordination to break up the pass. His combination of controlled aggression and instincts will give him a chance to play come sunday. Would be a special teams ace.)

    Depth Chart:

    QB - Ben Roethlisberger ~ Charlie Batch
    HB - Willie Parker ~ Najeh Davenport ~ Gary Russel
    FB - Carey Davis
    TE - Heath Miller ~ Matt Spaeth ~ Jon Dekker
    WR - Hines Ward ~ Nate Washigton ~ Cedrick Wilson
    WR - Santonio Holmes ~ Jason Rivers ~ Willie Reid

    LT - Marvel Smith ~ Jeff Otah ~ Jeremy Zuttah
    LG - Kendall Simmons ~ Roy Schuening ~ Jeremy Zuttah
    C - Sean Mahan ~ Darnell Stapleton/Doug Legurskey
    RG - Willie Colon ~ Chris Kemoeatu ~ Jeremy Zuttah
    RT - Max Starks ~ Jeff Otah ~ Jeremy Zuttah


    WDE - Brett Keisel ~ Ryan McBean ~ Bryan Mattison
    NT - Casey Hampton ~ Chris Hoke
    SDE - Aaron Smith ~ Maurice Murray ~ Ryan McBean

    WOLB - James Harrison ~ Cliff Avril ~ Arnold Harrison
    RILB - Lawrence Timmons ~ Larry Foote
    LILB - James Farrior ~ Nelson Coleman
    OLB - Lamarr Woodley ~ Cliff Avril ~ Arnold Harrison

    CB - Ike Taylor ~ Charles Godfrey ~ William ***
    CB - Bryant McFadden ~ Deshea Townsend ~ William ***

    FS - Anthony Smith ~ Matthew Harper/Ryan Clark
    SS - Troy Polomalu ~ Tyrone Carter

    I hope you like, if you have any away. Thanks, Jakey
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    do you think timmons will start next year?


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      ^ i'm not convinced he's ready...but Foote has been playing poops for the second half of the season (missing tackles, out of position etc). If Timmons has a good offseason, i could see him beating out Foote.


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        Originally posted by Jakey View Post
        ^ i'm not convinced he's ready...but Foote has been playing poops for the second half of the season (missing tackles, out of position etc). If Timmons has a good offseason, i could see him beating out Foote.
        In my opinion, Timmons would seem to be the heir-apparent to Farrior rather than Foote. This, of course, would assume that Farrior will retire soon which isn't a given even though he's getting up there in football years since he's still playing at a pretty high level.

        I actually like Foote. I used to think he was a weak link out there but he has grown into a quality starter.

        Regarding your mock:

        Do you think that Schuening is capable of playing Center? There doesn't seem to be any no-brainers at the center position in this draft, so perhaps a Guard like this guy could make the transition. Oneill Cousins is another example where it seems possible that he could transition to Center - anyone have thoughts about Cousins as a Center?

        As far as your UDFA's go (and again focusing on the Center position), I prefer Fernando Valasco of Georgia over Doug Legursky. The guy is a monster and has only been playing the position for one season after converting from Guard. He managed to become 2nd team all-SEC with just this one year of experience at the position.

        It would be nice to see Otah fall that far in Rd 1 but that is no longer looking likely. It'll be interesting to see how he does this offseason leading up to the draft. Does anyone know if he's invited to the Senior Bowl?????
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