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  • TerribleEd Post-Combine Mock

    Steelers trade #15 in first round plus their third rounder to the Jets for the #25 in the first round and their early second rounder (#37 overall). This is feasible if it gives the Jets the opportunity to take one of the following: Marshawn Lynch, Adam Carriker, and perhaps Amobi Okoye.

    Steelers tender Max Starks with an offer of 1.3M who signs with another team. Because of that initial tender, they receive a second rounder in return (we'll say the second-half of Rd 2).

    Rd 1) - From Jets

    Paul Posluszny, LB

    Can play inside in the 3-4 or outside in the 4-3.

    Rd2) - From Jets

    Jarvis Moss, DE

    It is very possible that he is available at the #37 overall spot. Coming out after his junior season, there is still work to be done before he is a finished product. This is also a relatively strong DE class.

    This being said, he is capable of playing OLB in 3-4 but is better suited to be our rush DE in the 4-3 which is on its way.

    Rd2b) - Our original second rounder

    Brian Leonard, RB

    Perfect compliment to Willie P. Great Combine. He's worth it.

    Rd2c) - Compensation for the departing Max Starks

    Manny Ramirez, OG

    He and Wille Colon will rule the right side of the OL with power and authority.

    Rd 3) - Surrendered in trade with NY Jets.

    Rd 4)

    Doug Datisch, C

    Rd4 comp)

    Deandre Jackson, CB

    Rd4 comp)

    Paul Soliai, DT

    Rd 5)

    Jerard Raab, WR

    Rd 6)

    Ken Shackleford, OT

    Rd 7)

    Adam Graessle, P

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    I've had season tickets to Penn State football the past too years and trust we don't want or need Paul.....keep this in mind it hurts me very much to say to say this. During the transition from the 4-3 to the 3-4 he struggled alot. I think Pat Willis is a better pick. He could play inside or outside in the 3-4 and he is a perfect cover 2 middle line backer.

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      i dont see brian leonard lasting that long, and i agree with stat...

      i love paul but i just cant see him being a great nfl player, and i dont know for a 3 - 4 ILB id rather grab a guy like bishop who repped 33, or harris, or waters...

      i am going to do some studying on some of these lesser known players that have been amazing during the combine

      -Brian Robinson
      -Quincy Black
      -Antwan Barnes
      -Justin Durant

      thanks to steel man for the fresh sig


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        I think Paul could do it. I know he struggled at the beginning of the year, but he showed improvement in every game he played. That says more to me than some mistakes and early struggles he had. Plus he was severely limited by his injured knee and the brace that he had to wear. I'm not saying he's gonna play lights out from day 1, but I think he could easily grow into an ILB role in a 3-4 and be very productive. Believe me, hes got the smarts and the instincts to do it, and those are the most important things for a linebacker to have.l


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          Im starting to realy like Man Ram after those 40 reps he had. Though he probably wont last that long.


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            Guys, don't get too hung up into the #'s game, think of who impressed you in games.. 40's, and reps are really not that important as they are things that can be fixed with hard work.. focus on their play reaction time and on field abilities.

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