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  • Early Needs going into 2010 Draft

    Hey guys

    I want to contribute more to the Steelers team board so I decided to make a thread detailing the different needs you and I see that need to be addressed in the 2010 draft.

    I feel offensive line is the most glaring need especially at the book ends.

    Please contribute accordingly, also bring up some specific prospects you would thnk fit the Steelers.


    This post is not meant to be a Dear John letter or a Hallmark card.
    Originally posted by njx9
    i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!

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    After tis weeks performance I think this is a perfect thread to start thinking about future needs. I, for one, think offensive line needs A LOT of help.

    Some prospects I like and realistically could get: Ciron Black, Jason Fox, MIke Petrus, Vladimer Ducasse, and Sam Young who I think could be a stud RT. I want to see some more of Urbik though.

    Mid To late round secondary help would be nice. Brandon Ghee is very solid, Myron Lewis could be a S or CB, I am starting to become a huge fan of Walter Thurmond III.

    Any sort of line and secondary help. Depth along the D line and LBs can never hurt. A future repalcement for Hampton may be a need. Hoke is a solid replacement but not the future. The 3-4 NT class this year does not look overally promising. I think the 3-4 DE class is very good.
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    Originally posted by njx9
    i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!


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      I think we need to go sexy in the first round and nab a big-time player.

      This year's guy was Percy Harvin, being a WR, HB, very fast, Wes Welker-ish. Some doubted him, and look at what he's done. One TD in every single game, including a 101 kickoff return for a TD.

      Here's my list of guy's I'd like to get:

      1. Taylor Mays - S - USC --- A guy with such physical abilities and raw power is bound to be a great player. Plus, he's got great instincts and is the closest a prospect has been to Polamalu in a while.
      2. Eric Berry - S - Tennessee --- A clone of another AFC North safety, Ed Reed. There's only one category where I believe he is superior to Mays, and that is when switching from defense to offense. Once he gets a pick, watch out, cause he's the best in the nation at returning them to the house. He's set the record, and it wasn't an easy task.
      3. Trent Williams - OT - Oklahoma --- Dominating in pass-protection and run blocking, athletic, and has incredible upside. Very coachable. Franchise LT for the next decade.
      4. Gerald McCoy - DT/DE - Arguably the best player that could enter the draft, he a beast. Extremely disruptive in the backfield, great pass-rusher/pocket pusher, monster run-stuffer, has size for the 3-4. Him opposite Ziggy = best 3-4 D-Line in league for years to come.
      5. Russell Okung - OT - Oklahoma State --- Great OT, fantastic pass-protector, can improve in run-blocking but still great at it. Athletic, definitely a franchise LT.
      6. Sergio Kindle - DE/OLB - Texas --- Orakpo's replacement, he's basically the same thing, though might not be as beastly strong as Orakpo, but still a beast. Monster pass-rusher, can bull-rush as good as anybody and has the finesse speed moves. There's a clip of him throwing an OT down with one arm. Him and Woodley could wind up being just as good as Harrison and Woodley.
      7. Joe Haden - CB - Florida --- Excellent playmaker, has top-notch speed, nice size and isn't afraid of taking on bigger players. Makes tackles, hits, does it all. Stud CB for many years.
      8. Terrence Cody - NT - Alabama --- A mountain of a man, he's immobile and unblockable with only one guy. He's actually nimbler than given credit for, and if he loses a bit of weight, he could be even faster. First true 3-4 NT available in draft, specializes in run-stuffing. Also has experience as a lead blocker (yes, as goal-line fullback).
      9. Ndamukong Suh - DT/DE - Nebraska --- Another great DT. Not as overly dominating as McCoy can be, but is still a force to be reckoned with. Again, an athletic 6'4, 300 lbs. guy who constantly gets pushes against O-Lines. Not as talented a pass-rusher as McCoy seems to be, but still good and a solid run-stuffer.
      10. Arrelious Benn - WR - Illinois --- Mendenhall's former teammate. He's got great height (6'2), heavier than most receivers (220 lbs.), and still possesses dangerous speed (4.40 ish). The guy can make plays, Can take big hits.

      Not Realistically:
      1. C.J. Spiller - RB - Clemson --- Lightning quick RB who I see as a mixture between MJD and Chris Johnson. He's got nimble, light, feet, great hands, and is a polished return man. A big-play guy, can change games, would be perfect compliment to Mendenhall.
      2. Brandon LaFell - WR - LSU --- Dwayne Bowe clone, has nice hands, good speed, and is extremely physical. He doesn't shy away from contact and can make plays. Having a WR core of Ward, Holmes, Wallace, Sweed, and LaFell could be downright dangerous. If Ward retires anytime soon, this would be the guy to replace him, a 6'2 215 lbs. guy with good hands and ability to take hits. Best senior WR in country.
      3. Brandon Spikes - LB - Florida --- A tough, gritty LB who can play both ILB and OLB. Provides position versatility and good depth. Him beside Timmons could be deadly. Yeah, we've got Farrior and Fox as well, but I think that Farrior said he was only going to play three more years, and he said that before the start of last year's season. Fox is good, but Spikes could be much, much better.
      4. Patrick Robinson - CB - Florida State --- Another CB with good size and speed, he's fundamentally sound and has great technique. While we did draft two corners last year, this guy is still a better prospect and it's highly likely he ends up being a better pro.
      5. Anthony Davis - OT/OG - Rutgers --- The guy has great size (6'6, 325 lbs.) and reminds me of Ryan Clady minus the superb pass protection. He's a solid guy, great athlete, and has great upside. Rutgers line has been struggling though, but he's still a guy who could pan out as a franchise LT, or a franchise guard (if there is such a thing...).
      6. Jahvid Best - RB - Cal --- Speedster that's a threat every time he gets the ball. If Willie leaves, this guy is basically his clone. He does everything Parker does, and he too would be a great compliment to Mendy too.
      7. Kristofer O'Dowd - C - USC --- As good a center, or better, than Mack was, he's played every single game he's had at USC. Started as a freshman and hasn't missed a game since. Excellent in run-blocking and pass-protection, would be an immediate improvement for our O-Line and would command it for many years to come.
      8. Jared Odrick - DT/DE - Penn State --- Another guy who could play well in a 3-4 d-line, would be a great playmaker opposite hood.
      9. Eric Decker - WR - Minnesota --- Not all that fast, but rarely drops passes. Perfect replacement for Ward, as he's basically the same type of receiver, not elite speed, but sure hands and reliability.
      10. Nate Allen - S - South Florida --- Great reactions to plays, fast, reads plays correctly and rarely makes mistakes. Not overly powerful, but doesn't hurt him at all.

      Props to clover_jeez!


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        It seems to me that we need depth as opposed to starters. The only major holes I can think of will be at DT and FS if Clark isn't resigned. Other than that, the quality of our Oline can be improved. We need a backup safety to replace Carter and more LB's, especially inside backers. Assuming Clark is resigned, I would put our needs at:

        1. NT
        2. Oline
        3. Safety
        4. LB
        5. HB
        and then everything else.

        I'd think we'd go O, Dline, or safety in the first 3 rounds, then LB, HB, and depth the rest of the way. I can't see us going QB or WR early, unless they deem Sweed to be a waste. I think he gets one more year before that happens though. It will probably be BPA as usual though.


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          Defiantly need depth at the safety position, rb, Lb.

          Starters on the o-line.


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            Depends on who we resign at the end of the year. Hampton, Clark, Parker, Colon, Reed, and others will be free agents.

            Whoever we don't sign, creates a need. Even if we were to get all of them, we need depth at safety, depth at linebacker, and help on the OL.

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              1. LG
              2. Safety
              3. ILB/OLB -- someone who could project at both positions potentially.
              4. DL depth and talent
              5. TE -- someone who would allow the offense to remain in their base set (2 TE's) and be a viable threat as a receiver and blocker. Spaeth is not and is one of the reasons the team gave a serious look at Pettigrew.
              6. QB - developmental QB because Dixon has not progressed as much as I would have liked and Batch has to be on his last legs.
              7. RB depth. Someone who can run and catch.
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                Curious as to why you put LG as a need? I agree that our guards can be improved upon, but Kemoeatu has been playing pretty solid so far this season. RG could use some more stability, and depth is certainly a concern, but other than the occasional hold he seems to be doing pretty well. He was destroying guys on Sunday night. Just curious of your reasoning, otherwise I completely agree with the list.


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                  These guys are our free agents next year (and what I think happens to them):

                  QB Charlie Batch - retires
                  RB Willie Parker - leaves as free agent
                  FB Carey Davis - leaves as free agent
                  TE Matt Spaeth - leaves as free agent
                  RT Willie Colon - resigned (priority)
                  RG Darnell Stapleton (restricted) - tendered
                  DE Travis Kirschke - retires
                  NT Casey Hampton - leaves as free agent
                  CB William *** (restricted) - tendered
                  CB Deshea Townsend - leaves as free agent
                  FS Ryan Clark - resigned
                  S Tyrone Carter - resigned
                  K Jeff Reed - franchised
                  P Daniel Sepulveda (restricted) - tendered

                  Overall, we lose players at these positions:


                  Regarding those positions, I don't think we need to address them all as 'high' priorities. While we will need to get players in those positions, we will have a huge chunk of cap room available (if CBA is re-structured), meaning we have the luxury of signing a "high" profile FA, though it's unlikely.

                  That being said, the only positions we'd need to really focus on are NT, RB, and DE.

                  For NT, we only have Chris Hoke if Hampton leaves. We'd need a rookie ASAP and maybe a veteran as well.

                  For RB we do have Rashard and Moore, but no other proven back. There's a reason Redman is still on the PS, as is Vincent. Summers is now our FB. We need someone to help them, because we recently seem to have RB injuries all over the place. There are a couple good, affordable free agent RB's this upcoming season that we could take a look at. Chester Taylor comes to mind, or Jerome Harrison.

                  For DE we'd have Smith, Keisel, Hood, and Eason. That's a good pair of starters, but they're old and who knows if they hold the entire season. Hood looks like a keeper, but Eason is solid at best.

                  The other positions are relatively set:

                  For QB, we have Dixon who, after two years learning the system, should be a capable backup.

                  For FB we'd have Summers back, and if his injury is worse, then simply resign Davis.

                  For TE, Spaeth never really seemed to fit the system, as his blocking is questionable. McHugh and Johnson are much better fits, and having them two alongside Miller seems a better fit, even if we're passing more now.

                  For CB, we just drafted two guys. Ike and *** are set as starters, Ratliff is #4 right now, and Lewis and Burnett can develop gradually. Not exactly the most pressing of needs.

                  I also think that LB, FS, and O-Line are needs, but again, not necessarily 'high' ones.

                  Thus, I propose the following mock:

                  1. C.J. Spiller - RB - Clemson
                  2. Vince Oghobaase - DT/DE - Duke
                  3. Toby Gerhart - RB - Stanford
                  4a. Kam Chancellor - S - Virginia Tech
                  4b. John Jerry - OT/OG - Ole Miss
                  4c. Phil Taylor - NT - Baylor
                  5. Rusty Smith - QB - Florida Atlantic
                  6. Austen Lane - DE/OLB - Murray State
                  7a. Pat Simonds - WR - Colgate
                  7b. Brandon Banks - WR - Kansas State

                  I've been saying it recently, and I'll continue saying it. Spiller is an ideal pick for us. The offense proved Sunday what it can do, and imagine how much more damage we could do with a blazing fast, versatile threat like Spiller. Run, catch, return, you name it; he's the perfect guy to spell Mendenhall.

                  Oghobaase gives us more depth for our D-Line, which is something that we really need. He's a big guy, tough, physical, and can make plays.

                  What?! Two running-backs in four rounds?!?! Yes, I believe this would provide a huge boost for our run game. Gerhart is the definition of a power-runner. He's the Stanford offense right now, and while he shouldn't be available at this pick, there are many talented guys that could go before him. Jonathan Dwyer, Jahvid Best, CJ Spiller, Charles Scott, Evan Royster, Joe McKnight, Stafon Johnson are guys that could go before him. He'd give us a great rotation of Mendy, Spiller, Moore and him, and he'd solve many tough, short-yardage situations.

                  Chancellor is basically a slower version of Taylor Mays. He likes laying the wood, and would complement Polamalu rather nicely. He's built like a LB, and could even transition if necesarry.

                  Jerry is a road-grater that plays both guard and tackle. Tomlin likes position versatility, Jerry has position versatility, enough said.

                  Phil Taylor is a big, powerful guy. He has the size to replace Hampton, and with some technical polishing, he could be a nice replacement for years.

                  Smith is a good QB with a solid arm that has showed the ability to manage an offense. His numbers went down last season, but he's doing pretty well right now.

                  Lane is a sack machine, but he doesn't face top-notch competition. 6'6, 250 lbs., and 4.6 40 yard dash. Pretty good physical abilities, and definitely what you look for in regards to size and speed for the prototypical 3-4 OLB. He's racked up 145 tackles (34 for a loss) and 18 sacks in 32 games. His 2008 campaign was his best yet, recording 63 tak (22 for a loss) and 12 sacks.

                  Simonds and Banks are both relatively unknown prospects, but they are big playmakers in their colleges. Simonds is huge at 6'6 and 223. Last year he put up 64 catches for 1136 yards, 17.5 ypc and 9 touchdowns. He doesn't have great speed though. Banks is very small, but is a burner. 4.25 40 (unofficial), and also put up similar numbers to Simonds. 67 catches, 1049 yards, 15.7 ypc, and 9 TD's. This was with Freeman as QB.

                  And there you have it guys, my latest take on our draft/free agency/needs.

                  Props to clover_jeez!


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                    while it is obviously early, I have a hard time envisioning our draft not being laden with young defenders.

                    on offense, our only really old guy is Ward, and we've seemingly already found a successor in wallace. hartwig is 30ish, but we just extended him. the rest of the OL is fairly youthful, the depth especially so. ben will be 28 with dixon in reserve. mendy is young, david johnson young, heath in his prime.

                    on defense - different story. farrior, aaron smith, kirschke, hoke, townsend all reaching their mid-30s now. hampton likely gone. we've little pass rush depth after harrison/woodley. and starters like clark (if he's resigned), harrison and keisel are getting up there in years as well.

                    we could justifably pick almost any defensive position on the draft's first day except strong safety.

                    when you couple the above factors with the clear strides the ravens have made on offense, I think it will be wise to allocate several picks to that side of the ball.

                    some prospects I'm planning to check out, by position:

                    NT: terrency cody - one of the few giant NTs to be had in an otherwise ridiculous draft; dan williams out of tennessee, who's likely more of a 2nd-4th rounder; phil taylor from baylor, kade weston from UGA

                    DE: almost too many to mention. I worry about DE, even with ziggy on board. looking at allen bailey, arthur jones (both probably out of our reach), along with V.O., jared odrick, and brandon deaderick.

                    ILB: rolondo mcclain. farrior, his great game against minnesota not withstanding, will eventually decline. I like keyaron fox, a lot, but wouldn't mind finding another wrecking ball for the middle of this defense. brandon spikes would merit serious consideration as well.

                    OLB: eric norwood - always making plays behind the LOS. we're kind of screwed if woodley or harrison gets hurt. jerry hughes will be another prospect worth reviewing.

                    FS: darrell stuckey from kansas; not that I'll ever be watching kansas play, but I'll youtube him when the time comes. seems like a complete player in the event we have to replace clark.

                    CB: I'd like to see more from keenan lewis and joe burnett before we go drafting corners high. think we've got bigger draft needs elsewhere on D, but I'll take a look at javier arenas and joe haden, maybe trevard lindley.


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                      Why wouldn't you want to draft a SS, I know Troy is great but when he gets injured we have Tyrone **** pants Carter.


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                        Yeah, we do need some defensive players, and I'd actually like to use the majority of picks in defensive guys.

                        I'd rank them:

                        1. CB: as good as Willie *** is, he's still the weak link on this defense. I'd take a long, hard look at Florida's Joe Haden or Florida State's Patrick Robinson. Having Ike and and an elite corner opposite him would be downright nasty.

                        2. FS: Clark loves to destroy players, and this, unfortunately takes a toll on him. Chad Jones is a guy I'd like.

                        3. D-Line: any position would be great. The guys we have right now can hold the fort for a litle more time, but we def need help soon.

                        4. Olb: Need good depth, and Future starter.

                        5. MLB: Fox showed he can start and play well, Tummins still young, an Farrior MIGHT have started to decline. Would simply need depth.

                        Props to clover_jeez!


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                          Originally posted by bhaarat316 View Post
                          Why wouldn't you want to draft a SS, I know Troy is great but when he gets injured we have Tyrone **** pants Carter.
                          first off, that's an awesome avatar. thanks.

                          second off, good point. although, I wouldn't want to go SS first day. round 3-4? sure.


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                            If this CB class was better i'd hope for a CB. But I think next year's CB class is going to be full of future shut down corners. That could change if some of the juniors decide to declare for the draft this year.
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                            Originally posted by njx9
                            i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!


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                              Joe Haden is the only 1st round CB. The secondary has issues and I feel the offensive line could be addressed as well.
                              Originally posted by njx9
                              i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!



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