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    I'll start!

    What is their biggest need right now?
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    Aw no one is posting for SD.

    I'd say their biggest need is a go to WR, but that's me.

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      Bolts Biggest need

      I would say a WR who can stretch the field with sub 4.4 speed. The next need is a ball hawking safety, and since their are more of the latter, that may be our first round pick.

      We also have needs at ILB, and a backup NOSE for Jamal.


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        im not a chargers fan but i feel sorry that not many people have posted on this so ill tell my opinion.

        Offense- WR-Dwyanne Jarret or Tedd Ginn Jr.
        Defense- Safety- Laron Landry or Brandon Meriweather


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          I think they'll go with PWillie 1st round if hes there but a guard is more likely than WR IMO.


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            for some reason i feel that they will go after sidney rice, i think that he is like a younger keenan mccardell and that the chargers will draft rice. if not him, i think that they will still go WR in the first


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              Anybody know anything about this kid we just promoted from our practice squad, he played at Mich St.........I was surprised we promoted him over Chase Page given Castillo's does it suck we will miss him and Merriman for the Bronco's game.


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                What a win today! I'm convinced Rivers is an NFL top 5 QB. He played virtually flawless in the second half and his final TD was simply amazing. His final TD pass was something that you'd only see from a winner and he's one.

                As for needs, the secondardy could really use a standout player. The WRs are young and coming into their own so if we don't take one in the first, I don't think we really need one. More depth at LB and on the DL would be great in the mid-rounds. Also, a tailback should probably be taking pretty early to replace Michael Turner.

                Here's a little breakdown. My ideal draft. Being an east coast, ACC guy hopefully it's not to weighted to those guys.

                1st - S -Michael Griffin, Texas - Would give us some depth at both safety spots and give us a big time athletic hitter.

                2nd - OL - Mike Otto, Purdeu - Would give us depth on all four lineman positions. Would be an ideal fit with our other lineman - athletic, strong at the point of attack and a capable run blocker.

                3rd - RB - Tyrone Moss, Miami - Reminds me of Frank Gore and I think he could be a better pro player than a college one. Would be able to fill Michael Turner's role of a backup tailback. Can run between the tackles and has the speed to be a down field threat.

                4th - DE - Baraka Atkins, Miami - Might be a bit of a pipe dream that he is available here but I really like him in a 3-4 set and he seems to be falling of late. Nebraska Jay Moore, NC State's Demario Pressley and Brandon Mebane of California would be other guys I would target.

                5th - CB - AJ Davis, NC State - Would add some depth at the CB spot and would be an option at the return spots. NC State DBs have performed above expectations for the past few years and Davis is the most athletic of them all.

                6th - OLB - Brian Smith, Missouri - Highly productive DE who will be a little bit undersized as a 3-4 OLB but you can't argue with his numbers. Probably won't have the athleticism to be an every down player but that's fine given Phillips and Meriman will be ahead of him.

                7th - C - Enoka Lucas, Oregon - Interior line depth isn't a huge problem but it would certainly be welcomed. Lucas is big enough to handle 3-4 NT's and athletic enough to play OG as well as C. He will probably be a couple of years away though.


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                  Atkins won't play in a 3-4, he is a 4-3 DE all the way. I think the Chargers definately need to take a WR in the first two rounds. The Chargers have 4 needs IMO, S, WR, OG, and ILB. If they can get Michael Griffin or LaRon Landry in the first then I think they should take it. If not a guy like Blalock or Ginn would be a great pick.

                  That is correct comahan
                  I ******* LOVE YOU DG
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                    i'm hoping for patrick willis in round 1


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                      I doubt P Willie lasts that long.

                      That is correct comahan
                      I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                      <3 dg


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                        Well, if San Diego doesn't go for a WR for number one, then we shouldn't really target a guy until later in the rounds (now if somebody we really like is available then take him but I say that for every position outside of QB). Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd and Eric Parker are excellent trio of young guys who work well with Rivers. We amlost certainly aren't going to get somebody better than those three after round one. McCardell looks like he still has several more years too.

                        Of the Ginn/Jarrett/Rice trio, I like Ginn the best because he would provide us the deep threat and an elite return man. Floyd, Jackson and McCardell are all huge too, so a fourth 6'4+ WR might be a bit overkill.

                        Blalock is a terrible fit for out interior line as well. We'll be targeting lighter more athletic guys.

                        I like Atkins in the 3-4. He's much bigger than 265 he's listed at (or at least he looks it) and he's been pretty ineffective as a 4-3 DE off the edge. He's athleticism is off the charts but has been ineffective in the 4-3 largely because he can't settle into a position. In the 3-4, he'd be able to provide a pass rush similar to Castillo. Also, San Diego 3-4 isn't the conventional 3-4 that the Steelers run. It's more of a 3-4 hybrid that features a lot of formations with 4 down lineman. Therefore, a ligher DE (290-300) would fit well.

                        I'd be alright with Willis in the first round. He wouldn't be my first choice just because I don't think he's an elite athlete but he would be a nice upgrade.


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                          Have you guys been happy with Cromartie?
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                          Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
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                          These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.
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                            He's about what we've expected. He got beat by Chad Johnson yesterday pretty bad and whiffed making the tackle. He's going to be a good one though - it will just take some time.

                            The hope is that he will be a full time starter by the playoffs.


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                              Quality Beef to Groom Behind Jamal

                              I think we need to take an impact type 3-4 NT and I know those are hard to find.......a guy like Alan Branch to groom behind Jamal would be ideal (I can dream can't I.....AJ could package the farm to move up enough to get him).

                              I was really hoping to get Babatunde last year. I just know 3-4 noses are hard to find, and they come at a premium (Ngata would be the most recent example). We have 2-4th round talents already behind Jamal, but to remain an elite defense for the long haul, we need that anchor for our 3-4.

                              Would Okam be another possiblity?

                              Watching Kiel yesterday was painful, we need an elite safety and Griffin or Landry would be the kind of players we need to get either NT or Safety is the priority in the first round.....cuz I don't think Willis would be available (but would be a great fit an an ILB in our scheme).

                              Hopefully we can get alot for Turner (maybe a 2nd rounder), or keep him one more year....becuase he is a luxury as a backup to LT, we could win with him running if LT ever got hurt. If we got another pick, its another chance to move up and get one of those elite safety's or an elite backup to Jamal.



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