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Do you wish there was no cap?

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  • Do you wish there was no cap?

    At one point it seemed like a possibility for post-2010. Now it seems like they'll agree on a deal and get things worked out.

    Without a cap, Paul Allen would most likely go nuts and make us a powerhouse. What would you think about this?

    As a New Yorker, I understand the feelings of hatred toward the Yankees, but it sure would be nice to see it from the other side...

    Think about it, if our cap # wasn't a factor we'd have a shot at landing Haynesworth AND Peppers AND Nnamdi. Allen would go nuts.

    It seems unfair and bad for the league of course, but once our Seahawks started adding top free agents every offseason, I think you might have a different perspective!

    So would you rather keep it the way it is or be in a better situation because our owner wants to win more ($) than the others? It's an interesting debate. Do you value winning so much that you'd risk tainting an almost perfect sport?
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    No. While being in a New York market would likely mean that my hometown teams would benefit from an uncapped league, I feel the league as a whole would suffer for it and who wants that?


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      The NFL is the best league in America by far. The biggest reason for that is parity. You get rid of the cap, make it so every team can go out and spend as much money as they want, you get rid of that.

      You start getting team's in low-revenue markets that can't even begin to compete with other's (such as the New York teams). It truly takes away the thrill of watching the game every Sunday.

      As for the Seahawks personally, of course it would be nice to be able to go out and spend money like crazy, and I'm sure that Allen would do it. The big problem though, is that their not the only team throwing that money at FA. How long before contracts got to the point of being ridiculous, ala MLB? It wouldn't take long. The NFL is the richest sport in America. The owners at the top could afford to throw 100+ million dollar contracts at players.

      In the end, I think that a cap would ruin the NFL. I have almost stopped following baseball free agency because I don't want to watch players get paid $21 million a year to go out there every 5th day (pitchers obviously).

      No cap = chaos.

      Even if you could guarantee the Seahawks signing the guys you've mentioned, I still would never support a year with no cap.

      EDIT: BTW how does a New Yorker become a Seahawk's fan????
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        I dont like the idea of not having a cap. But I wouldnt be the worst thing in my mind. Unlike some of you, I don't think Allen would go absolutely nuts signing players. He is a business man and wouldnt go crazy with it, even if he could. That said, we would still have a top 5 payroll in the league and if it would help us win a Championship for the few "cap-less years" then I'm all for it.

        All the Championships that were won in the pre salary cap era arent looked at today as being tainted in any way. They still count the same as any other Super Bowl win.
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          just think jerry jones signing every top free agent he could get his hands on ugh, i think it should stay the same, if it aint broke dont fix it
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            Originally posted by HawkEye30 View Post
            just think jerry jones signing every top free agent he could get his hands on
            Oh yeah, baby ;)



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              I love the cap one of the best things about the NFL.



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