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Seahawks pick #4

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  • Seahawks pick #4

    HI, hawks fans. I am doing a draft and i am goin to each team forum asking them who they'd like thier team to take

    1. Detroit - QB Matt Stafford
    2. St. Louis - OT Jason Smith
    3. Kansas City - LB Aaron Curry
    4. Seattle - ?

    I will be back next time i log on and can you guys give me who ya want.

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    Basically the only picks that make sense there are Monroe, Crabtree, or Raji. A small chance of Orakpo / Brown also though. Right now my "big 3" are Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe & B.J Raji just from what I think Ruskell will do. If the Seahawks were to release Branch though I'm almost 100% sure the pick is Crabtree.

    Originally posted by Tebowfan85
    too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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      I want Crabtree.


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        summond822- Seattle will not draft a WR in the first 3 rounds.


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          The Seahawks would be stupid to pick Sanchez #4 overall and pay him top 4 big money to sit on the bench for two years at least.

          Especially since they have bigger need startes at LB, OL, and they need a RB BADLY!

          Picking Sanchez would be a stupid move.


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            It has become clear to me that it will be Sanchez or Crabtree.

            I want Crabtree.
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