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Thoughts on Madden Player Rankings

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  • Thoughts on Madden Player Rankings

    Surprises/Should be changed
    Claude Wroten 69 ovr - Will be up to mid 70's before the season is over
    Mike Rumph 68 ovr - I expected him to be in the 70's
    Dante Hall 69 ovr - Another i expected to be a bit higher
    Brian Leonard 78 ovr 85 spd - Holding the white rbs down, spd should be 87-88

    Holt 98 ovr
    SJ 96 ovr
    Bruce 88 ovr
    Tye Hill 84 ovr 98 spd
    Glover 88 ovr
    Wilkins 95 ovr
    Little 95 ovr
    Pace 96 ovr
    Bulger 94 ovr
    Bennett 85 ovr
    McMichael 88 ovr
    Barron 85 ovr
    Witherspoon 90 ovr
    Carriker 82 ovr

    Leroy Smith -

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    The ratings seem fair, IMO.

    Defensively, Rumph isn't even on the team anymore, so I'm not concerned about him. Wroten hasn't done anything to warrant a higher ranking, but as you say that could change by mid season or season's end. I think Glover is consistently overrated in Madden. I think Carriker was rated very fairly, with a nice combo of speed and strength. His awareness probably could have been higher but doing so probably would have raised his OVR too much. Hill's rating seems solid; I think he's primed for year two as the top corner on this team. I'm disappointed Bartell is listed as a FS, he's our #3 corner but will be starting with Fakhir suspended. Never good to have a starter listed as a back-up at a different position.

    On offense, Bulger's rating seems accurate to me, but I'd be curious to see where he stacks up with other QBs in the league. Leonard's speed seems fine, as I think he ran around a 4.5 at the combine. A 78 for a mid to late second round RB/FB sounds fine to me. Hall really hasn't done much as a receiver so I'm not sure why he should be rated higher; his return stat is 99 anyways. Mark Setterstrom, despite playing well at the end of the year, seems a bit overrated as a 79, but he very well might earn that rating quickly in 2007. It's nice to see Witherspoon well represented in the middle, but I'm hoping to add another LB to the roster so Draft (whom I believe is underrated @ a 78) can be shifted elsewhere.



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