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Undrafted Culberson has a good chance of making roster

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  • Undrafted Culberson has a good chance of making roster

    Early in his freshman season, young cornerback Quinton Culberson broke his right fibula, effectively ending his first year at Mississippi State. It was a stunning blow for a player who was the first true freshman to start for the Bulldogs since 1986.

    As Culberson sat at home with little opportunity to exercise, hoping only to make enough of a recovery to be on the field in his sophomore season, he did what most inactive people do. He gained weight.

    For most football players, adding weight that isn’t necessarily muscle is a bad thing. It slows them down and makes them ineffective. In a simple twist of fate, the injury could turn out to be one of the best things that ever happened to him.

    Today, Culberson finds himself near the end of his first NFL training camp with the Rams and with a legitimate and probable chance of landing on the final 53-man roster as an undrafted free agent.

    And he’s doing it as a linebacker.

    “He is one of the many bright spots with the young players,” coach Scott Linehan said. “I think what we have seen through camp and now in his first preseason game, the guy just shows up. He always seems to be around the ball. He is continuing to impress.”

    Soon after the leg injury, Culberson went back to work with designs on returning to the football field as soon as possible. But the weight gain he endured during his down time led to an important decision.

    not sure if it was posted but.. good to see an undrafted player succeeding.

    R.I.P Sean Taylor

    Thanks to Renji for the AVI

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    It is good and it adds to our linebacking depth.

    Chillar, Witherspoon and Tinoisamoa are the starters.

    They are backed up by Raonall Smith, Chris Draft, Culberson, Alston and apparently McGarigle.

    Unfortunately McGarigle hasn't played during camp so it doesn't look great for him, Alston has been decent and Smith has been rather quiet.

    There was an article about Chillar this past week on the website and Linehan seems impressed with him. He said Chillar playing in the SLB spot doesn't get the opportunity to make the big interception or big tackle like Spoon and Pisa but his job is crucial as a mistake by him could meen a big play to the offense and so far he has been good in that department. I tend to agree and when you think about it this group is probably the strength of the defense.


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      neverheard of him but if he makes the team good for him


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        nice, he was my favourite prospect in the draft. glad to see him making or almost making a team as a rookie.

        RIP, Sean Taylor.



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