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Update from Howard on what transpired on the James fumble

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  • Update from Howard on what transpired on the James fumble

    From his post-game chat...

    smitty: Jeff, another pit in my gut with Gus throwing the ball into triple coverage instead of scrambling for a first down, throwing to a wide open Arizona defender, and getting hosed by Gerry Austin who should retire. After today, when do you think the Rams can win their first game, cause it's not coming the next two weeks.

    Jeff Gordon: Wilson made a great play on that pick, but why did Gus force that play? That was truly desperate. Vince Young he is not.

    After the game, the officials admitted that the Wells "touchdown" was really a touchback. During the review, Austin didn't see the replay that proved Wade was down with the ball in the end zone. Later, he did.

    Randall: Hey Jeff, did not Wade have the ball in the endzone on the fumble touchdown? It sure looked like it on replay and even the announcers said it appeared the offensive lineman took it a way from him. If so, once he was touched and on the ground isn't the play dead? At least that is what I thought and the announcers stated this as well. If so I guess the Rams will get another sorry from the league around wednesday.

    Jeff Gordon: After the game, the officials said a replay showed that Wade had the ball for a touchback. They claimed that replay wasn't made available to the video review.

    The big problem on that play is the officials thought the play was dead and didn't get in position to blow the whistle when Wade got the ball. That was just terrible work.

    UPDATE: According to Howard Balzer, Gordon has it wrong. Howard provided the statement from the official from the pool report:

    (On the Edgerrin James fumble that was recovered by Arizona in the end zone for a touchdown)

    "We never saw an opposite side view, so you couldn't say whether the runner was down or not and we had to let the ball play because that's the way we ruled it on the field. The ruling on the field was that the defensive player had not gained full control of the ball before being hit by the offensive player, who came up with the ball; the ruling was a touchdown. We didn't have any shots in replay that would give us visual evidence to change it, so we had to stay with the call on the field. My understanding is that later they had a shot that showed [James'] elbow was down, but we never had that in replay."
    So based on the official's statement, it should have been Cardinals ball on the one yard line. Whether or not Arizona would have scored is another issue. Even if you think they would have scored, the point is they didn't but were still awarded points. It remains a horrible job by the officials because they still made the wrong call that resulted in unearned points.
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    Again, I know the Rams are bad, but is there a team that gets consistently boned by the refs more than the Rams? I was at the game, and the entire stadium was irrate at the officiating. It was ridiculous, flag after flag kept coming against the Rams.

    I am done arguing, until somebody says something stupid.


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      I did not see the play yet, but I see other teams fans coming in here and bitching about us bitching and I will rep rape them all. I don't give a ****. The Rams ******* suck. This helped us stay with the Saints and Dolpins at number one. But I ******* hate get **** on. It ******* pisses me off. ******* ass **** mother damn **** ****. We are 0-5. I hate football. **** FOOTBALL! ****!


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        The draft.

        Considering that the draft is my primary concern at this point, the Bills getting jobbed on the clock against Dallas after the onside kick ticks me off.

        The Bills having two wins and also increasing Miami and the Jets strength of schedule would have been nice in the Dorsey sweepstakes.



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