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    How does our cap situation look this year? I thought we really blew it last season adding so much offensive help while ignoring our glaring holes on defense. Our three big acquisitions from last year...Drew Bennett WR, Randy McMichael TE, and James Hall DE certainly didn't live up to the hype. Just curious what your feeling are this year with the Rams. Think we will go after and defensive players or will we continue to sink money into our offense?

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    The Rams added Chris Draft and Todd Johnson on defense, and spent two of their three Day One picks on defense. I'd hardly say they ignored that unit. My impression from previous reports is that the Rams are in decent cap shape but likely won't be able to go all out and pay top dollar for an elite player. So even if an elite pass rusher somehow makes it to free agency, I'm not sure this team is in a position to make a run at him.

    Offensively, the Rams will likely try to add some line help in free agency, hopefully finding some veterans capable of competing for jobs along the interior. Considering the Rams only have one center under contract (Fry), I wouldn't be shocked to see them add Chiefs lineman Casey Wiegmann, seeing as how he spent time in KC while Saunders was there. Regardless of what was spent on Bennett, the Rams need to add a receiver that's capable of stretching the field and potentially developing into a starter-quality player, though they could look to address that in the draft. The Rams also need to find a true blocking fullback to open up holes for Steven Jackson. Dan Kreider out of Pittsburgh is an intriguing veteran who could rotate in and out of the FB spot with Leonard.

    Defensively, I'd like to see the Rams renegotiate the contracts of Leonard Little and La'Roi Glover to reduce their 2008 cap figures - Little is set to count for over $9 million against the cap while Glover is probably going to count for over $4 million. The Rams clearly need to add more talent at the defensive end position, and while ultimately I'd like to see them do so in the draft in round one by taking Chris Long, they at least need to add some depth in free agency just in case Long isn't there. Regardless, if a Day One pick isn't spent on a defensive end, I'm going to be rather upset. The Rams could certainly use some depth at nose tackle since they seem to envision Carriker as being a three-technique tackle next to Clifton Ryan. Strong-side linebacker Brandon Chillar may not be retained, but it's basically a two-down position for the Rams anyways so I wouldn't expect them to go out and break the bank on a replacement. They could potentially ask Chris Draft or Pisa Tinoisamoa to slide over, though I don't think it's an ideal spot for Pisa. I think the secondary is better off than most might think and have been the victim of a non-existent pass rush. That being said, Fakhir Brown is one failed drug test away from a year's suspension, and we really don't know what we have in Jonathan Wade right now. Adding a veteran corner into the mix wouldn't hurt. Strong safety is a concern for the future, though the coaching staff still seems to like the leadership Chavous brings to the table. However, he's declining and I don't see our future starter at that position on the roster.


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      I found a really good site about the Rams salaries and cap situation. If you are interested in that then check it out.

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        I've heard the Rams are going to have between 20-25 million and they will be aggressive in free agency.


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          I would like to see the Rams go after a O-Line free Agent. I know Allen Faneca is the big name but he would cost pretty much everything we have. And I would rather see a young speedy WR taken in the draft instead of a slow FA that is on his way out.

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            you should sticky this thread NGSeiler

            well we made our 1st signing that's not a coach!


            Justin Medlock


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              If I remember correctly, Medlock has a very strong leg but had some accuracy issues with the chiefs in preseason last year.

              hopefully he can fix that with the Rams, he has an nfl leg.


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                Can we get a new coach yet? We'll be **** until we get a guy that knows something about football.



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