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    i keep getting these ideas that i think would be good tell me what you think of this one

    1)trade to about 20 and take merriweather
    2)a) traded for jenkins
    2)b) got from trade down, woodley (maybe SAM and situational pass rusher)
    3)OG Manny ramirez for depth and possible starter
    4)RB Kolby Smith (looks like a sleeper)
    5)steve breaston (KR i think figures will be gone)
    6)LB/SS depth w/ ST potential

    i realize that the value may not be make sense for a trade down. what do u guys think?

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    Here's my draft for the team and in a way its similar. I like parts of yours but dislike others. I have given a few options with some picks.

    1. 13. Trade down to 19 with the Titans and get and extra 3rd rounder. The Titans will want Ginn and he will be available, from 19 take Meriweather.

    2. 52. The 2nd rounder will depend on the first round. Tough to say what happens here. If we traded down to the Panthers for example Rams should try to swap 2nds with Carolina and give away our 3rd. But a Panthers trade may not even happen so at 52 we could take either: Assuming Available DeMarcus (Tank) Tyler, DT Quinn Pitcock, DE Anthony Spencer or DE Charles Johnson As I say though If we get Jenkins any of these 4 would still be great picks but I would put them in reverse order. Gut feeling though if Tyler is there he is the one.

    3. 82. (Possible this pick may be gone but lets say it's still ours)
    It all depends who we took in the 2nd for me because I think DE could be the choice. The team brought in Robison and Crowder in for a visit, OG Andy Alleman, OL Samson Satele. Crowder is likely to be gone but Robison, Alleman or Satele would be decent selections.

    4. 117
    WR Yamon Figurs. I don't mind helping our special teams on a 4th round pick.

    5. 148
    RB Kolby Smith, Darius Walker if either is available otherwise DeShawn Wynn who has a change of pace aswell as size which Linehan seems to like.

    6. 190
    LB Anthony Waters. Provides depth at the MLB spot.

    7. 225
    OG Jake Turesa could be a steal as he has potential, As could Brandon Frye either would be great picks.

    7. 248
    S Patrick Ghee, another guy who could be a steal. Possibly a Punter to compete with Jones, is Fields who averaged 47 yds a punt in 04.

    7. 249
    CB Geoffrey Pope talk about speed he's got it.

    Looking at the Draft from my point of view I just don't see the point in taking a risk with Branch in Rd1. We have done it before, Kennedy, Pickett and Lewis all were hardly what they were supposed to be. Why do it again then and this is were I think a trade for Jenkins will only be worth while if we still end up with a 2nd rounder. There is suggestion CB is a need for the team but I think this is were Meriweather becomes so valuable. He has great speed and he can play any secondary position. Any of the 4 D-Line players I mentioned for the 2nd rounder would be great picks and I would be happy with them.



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